Bruce spent the night on the couch last night. Right before I went to bed I went downstairs to look for him, but I didn’t see him and assumed he’d already gotten in bed. Anyway, we did the regular Saturday morning stuff, which lately has included Amanda waking me up to show me something or talk about something. The only day either one of us sleeps in and she taps me on the head or nudges me or something. I don’t mind; it’s kind of endearing and it’s a nice way to wake up.

Amanda toasted Eggos then I went out to mow the lawn. Just before I finished that, Amanda’s parents, Karen and Phil Mercer, arrived with their Jack Russell, Paddy. Karen watered our plants, which I was about to do, and Phil went upstairs to get started on helping with the new shower accoutrements. Long story short, we ended up having to take it all back to Lowes and getting a new shower set. I grabbed the wrong receipt on the way out, but I was able to return it for store credit. I laughed and said that was fine, since we would use it all up at some point. In fact, the set we ended up getting was a little more expensive than the previous one. On the up side, the matching sink set is less expensive than the matching sink set for the one we had before.

We had much less trouble getting this new set put in, although it wasn’t perfect. We had to put some spacers (in the form of some wooden blocks) between the pipes behind the wall and the wall of the tub (via the crawlspace in the office) to make sure everything stayed flush because the screw holes didn’t line up with the existing holes. I still need to give it some caulk though.

Speaking of caulk, Amanda just called me upstairs to watch a Saturday Night Live skit where Jason Lee is a hardware guy talking about the wonders of caulk. Pretty funny stuff.

Anyway, after the bathroom stuff was all done we went downtown so Phil could take a look at a building he’ll be appraising shortly. We then grabbed some burgers at Five Guys Grill then headed over to Wrightsville to hang out with the Frazelles. I went to the empty house and took some pictures. Some I liked, some I tossed.

Phil and Karen left after we got back to the house. Amanda and I putzed about a bit. She settled on watching a little bit of a movie called Explorers, which starred young versions of Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix. We played some Scrabble. She was a few points up with the first round. After that I lead the whole way, until my very last letter. My very last letter was a Z, which I drew towards the very end of the game and was unable to get rid of. Amanda was able to go two or three more turns and got ahead of me. In a rare case, we both ended up with a letter each that we drew late and couldn’t play. Hers was a J. So yeah, I lead the whole time and she beat me at the very end. It was crap.

Amanda headed on to bed and watched some SNL. She always goes to bed with the TV on. I watched Everybody Hates Chris for the first time ever, which wasn’t a bad show. After that I watched Entourage, and now I’ve got Assault on Precinct 13 on. I may watch it all; I’m not sure because we’ve got to get up for church tomorrow and it’s already late. We’ll see.

Zach Dotsey