I was over at the Frazelles’, telling Anna, in her brace even in my dream, that I didn’t know why I was so tired. I was explaining to her that I’d gotten five hours of sleep last night (which is accurate, and I remember counting the hours in the dream). I told her it was only an hour or two less sleep than I usually get, so I should be fine.

I think I was then back at my and Amanda’s house, reaching into a container of Pringles. It was whatever flavor is sort of burgundy with some white and maybe some green on the container. I reached in to pull out some chips, but they were either all cumbled or broke into crumbly pieces when I picked them up. I felt the same vague disappointment when I reach into a container of broken Pringles as I do in real waking life.

I’m not sure why the Pringles were in the dream. We don’t have any Pringles and I don’t think I’ve felt any great desire to have any lately. I mean, Pringles are awesome and I love eating them whenever they’re around, but they weren’t anywhere near being on my mind, I though.