Today is Anna Frazelle’s birthday. Amanda wasn’t able to get in touch with her because the Frazelle phone, notorious for not working properly, was not working properly.

I started off the day by waking up when Amanda left the house so I could take Moo, our stray black and white kitten, to the Spay & Neuter Clinic, about ten minutes away towards Castle Hayne. I dropped her off then came on home in time to eat a bowl of cereal and get ready for work.

After work I almost forgot to pick up Moo. I think it was exactly a quarter of five when I remembered I had to pick her up at 5:00. I got there the minute of and was told that everything went fine. She was a bit doped up. We left her in the pet carrier in the Orange Room until the end of the night, at which point we let her out of the carrier but kept her in the room. She didn’t have much of an appetite, but I think she was pretty thirsty. She kept making a smacking noise with her mouth.

My brother, Adam Dotsey and his girlfriend, our soon-to-be roomie, Renee Sikes, came over for dinner. Adam decided Meemer was a better name for Moo after I showed her to them. Amanda made enchiladas (which I think we have every time they come over, although we haven’t made them in a long time) and corn. We hung out for a little while then we all went over to Bonnie and David Narron’s house across the street. Bonnie had stopped by to see how Moo was doing (she paid for half of the vet visit) and Adam commented on how much he liked her yard. She told us to come on over after dinner and we could check out the backyard, which was also very nice. It’s got a very Florida feel to it.

Adam and Renee said they would stop by in the morning. He’s leaving tomorrow for Rougemont then heading out from there to sunny San Diego. I’m going to miss having my brother right down the street. Well, not down the street, but he’ll be a hell of a lot further away than five or ten minutes.

Adam brought back Civilization IV, which he had misplaced somewhere in his closet.  I spent a little time playing that tonight.  My, how I’ve missed that addictive turn-based game.

Zach Dotsey