Moo was up and moving around, apparently doing fine from her surgery yesterday.

Work was work. Fridays tend to be either really busy or not so much. Today was one of the busy Fridays. It wasn’t terribly difficult, just very steady.  I attempted to get the sales tickets caught up. I did so-so on that, as there seemed to be a number of trickling support issues to help people out with. Once again, I’m really glad Tim Henrich has taken over as Production Manager. I think he’s doing a pretty good job of it too, and the company is going to be able to handle a lot more jobs as a result.

The biggest thing that happened today was that my little brother, Adam Dotsey, left Wilmington for who knows how long, possibly forever.  My brother and Renee Sikes, his girlfriend (who will be moving in with us here for a little while before heading off to France) came by.  He was supposed to get an early start, but I think his roommates didn’t finish packing on time and weren’t much help in cleaning out the house they were renting.

Anyway, they got here sometime in the late morning so we all ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while Adam and I swapped some computer files and such. Renee had planned to head to Rougemont with Adam, in part because his car was full and he couldn’t get everything he wanted/needed to get.  She ended up not being able to go though because her brother, who was there to help her pack up and such, complained about her going.  She didn’t think it would be a big deal because she thought he was going to hang out with a friend at the beach for a while.  He talked to their parents about it and their parents told Renee they’d be very upset if she went, so their last moments were spent here.

They took a nap for a bit then started to head out.  That was very hard to watch.  They hugged for a bit then Renee left.  I remember the way her hand fluttered as she drove out of sight waving goodbye.  After she left Adam stayed outside for a minute then came in and told me he didn’t think it’d be as hard as that.  Adam and I have a lot of the same mannerisms, and I guess the last one I’ll see in God only knows how long is when I was standing at the top of the steps looking down at him a couple steps below me and he looked up at me and we both had this stupid grin spread simultaneously across both our faces because both our eyes were, well, at least watery.  Shortly thereafter he said, “I love you, brother,” and left.  I’m sure we’ll be in touch, but I have no idea when I’ll see him again, and I’ve been in a funk the rest of the day about it.  I really liked having my little brother nearby.
After Amanda and I were both finished working Amanda went around touching up paint all over the house while I put a grout stain and sealer on the kitchen tiles.  We had to move everything out of the kitchen again, although we left the fridge and jelly cupboard in and just moved them as needed.  I did a little of the kitchen touch-up, but Amanda said she’d finish it up tomorrow.

Zach Dotsey