Work was busier today than it has been in the last little bit.  I was really able to work on a bunch of old leads though, and I feel good about what I’ve been doing lately.

I’m enjoying the elliptical trainer already.  See, when I’m on the phone with clients I tend to walk around anyway.  So now instead of walking around the house, I just have the phone headset plugged in (although I’m really wanting a wireless headset now), set that up on the magazine tray and do some walking on the elliptical trainer.  It works out very nicely.  So now I like it being in the office even more.  We have it facing the tv.

Speaking of which, I was trying to remember where we had stashed the coaxial cables after we settled into this house, and in looking for them this evening I went into the Green Grandma room, where Renee Sikes has been staying.  For reference, she’s neither green nor a grandma.  It’s named that because it’s green and most of the furniture in it was Amanda’s great-grandmother’s.  Anyway, when I went in there to look under that bed, which Renee was lying on reading, I noticed that the bed was tilted.  One of the support beams that makes up the frame has always only tenuously held in the metal hook that joins it to the headboard.  A small section of the top of that beam finally split, so that whole corner of the bed was slanted to the floor.  Renee Sikes broke the bed!

Okay, so the bed has been in a precarious state for some time and it was bound to break at some point, so I really don’t think Renee broke it, but it sounds funny.  Amanda teasingly chided her for jumping on the bed.  Renee said she hadn’t noticed it, actually.  Considering she hasn’t slept in a proper bed in quite some time, I don’t doubt it.  The boxsprings were resting on a box under the bed, so it’s not like the tilt was too terribly drastic.  We’ve moved Renee to the Orange (Amanda’s brother, Michael Mercer’s) room until Amanda’s dad, Phil Mercer, comes to help us fix the beam.

So at any rate, the coaxial cables were in a box in the shed anyway and I now have cable in the office.  Honestly I mostly stay too busy to bother paying attention to the tv, but it might be nice to have the news on in the background now and then.

I thought Amanda and I had seen every episode of How I Met Your Mother, excepting one big chunk of the season finale.  Apparently though, there is an episode we missed because we watched it tonight.  It’s the one where Ted and Barney go to Philadelphia in search of a legendary night.  I think that’s Amanda’s favorite show right now, and it is a good one, especially as far as more traditional sitcoms go these days.

My sister, Erin Dotsey, called this evening to say she’d arrived in Portland, Oregon.  She went out there to stay with a bunch of people she met while living in St. Thomas.  So now half of my parents’ kids are on the west coast and half of them are in North Carolina.

Zach Dotsey