According to one of our clients, today is National Underwear Day.  She should know; she works for an underwear manufacturer.  I told her I’d run outside and fly some undies on the flagpole.

Today was pretty busy.  I was on the phone quite a bit.  I had one conversation that lasted an hour, several that were about half an hour, and I ended the day with a 45 minute conference call.  I was on the elliptical trainer a lot!

Amanda made cheese-stuffed shells for dinner tonight.  They were quite yummy.  A few minutes after 6:00, when I finally stopped working, I turned on the tv and saw the beginning on Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.  Throughout the movie I found myself thinking about what a cool concept the movie could be, but what a waste of film it really was.  I have no idea why I watched all of it, but I did.  Actually, I do know why.  For some reason I wanted to see the final scene, where they do their big presentation capped off by a bastardized Gettysburg Address by none other than Abraham Lincoln, who ends it with, “Be excellent to one another.  And party on, dudes!”  What a movie.

Our small group meeting was cancelled for tonight.  Ben and Jessica Lambeth were going to a surprise party for some friends and Kim Ayars might have had to work, so it was just going to be me and Amanda and Rob Peterson and Kristen Barriner.  We played around with ideas of going out to eat or having them come over for dinner.  Amanda and I wanted to eat in, being poor until I get my check tomorrow, and Rob and Kristen wanted to eat out.  Rob also told me he wasn’t having a good day and so we just decided to call the whole thing a wash.  They did invite us over to their new house for Friday evening though.

On the subject of money, I shouldn’t make it sound like we’re in a rough spot.  The level of money we have in the checking account right now is an amount that I used to be pleased with having.  These days though, that amount just seems low to me.  Not that we’re by any means rich.  I mean, we’ve got enough right now that we could pay off most, if not all the bills (excepting the mortgage) and that doesn’t include our savings account.  My point is that we’re not as destitute as I just made us sound, but my personal financial comfort level has changed.

After Bill and Ted, Amanda and Renee watched The Wedding Date so I went upstairs to play wit the computer.  I went back down at 9:00 to watch Stephen King’s Nightmares and Dreamscapes, but apparently last week was the final week of it.  That really sucks because the recordings from last week were somehow messed up so I had to erase them.  I enjoyed that series.  In lieu of that, we watched last week’s Windfall.  That’s really not a great show, but we keep watching it for some reason.

Zach Dotsey