The biggest news of the day is that the British foiled a terror plot. Other than that, I can’t even write about what Amanda made for dinner, because she didn’t make anything. I did a few loads of laundry and put those away, yadda yadda.

We had yet another late afternoon storm, which is nothing new for a North Carolina summer, but this one had more lightning strikes and just about flooded parts of College Road. I heard on the news that despite all this our rain level is still about eight inches below where we were last year. In weather news, the prediction is that the hurricane season won’t be as bad as it was the last couple years, which is the opposite of what some people were saying previously. China, though, was hit with a typhoon today that was the equivalent of a category five hurricane.

I watched the Colts versus the Rams play in the first pre-season NFL game of 2006. The Colts started out with a surprising onside kick, which I applaud them for. It lead to a touchdown. Nobody ever seems to do surprising things like that. Starting the game off with an onside kick, to me, is as refreshing as someone going for a first down on 4th and two. You just never really see that. The Rams did end up winning though, 19-17. I was vaguely pulling for them just because they’re one of the teams I liked back when we played Madden on the Nintendo64 back in college. I usually played either the Rams or the Patriots.

Really, that’s about all I’ve got. This week has gone by about as quickly as last week. That’s a sign that I’m getting old and that life is passing me by.

Britney Spears' trashy husband Kevin FederlineOkay, I just heard something terrible on the tv. Fox is hyping the Teen Choice Awards by advertising that it’ll be the first live appearance of Kevin Federline, Britney Spears’ trashy husband, for those of you who may read this in a couple years when he is forgotten. Seriously, the fact that they’re using that tidbit in a commercial trying to get people to watch it just speaks volumes about what’s wrong with award shows like the Teen Choice Awards.

Zach Dotsey