I had some difficulties at work today because my internet connection was running extremely slowly. I had trouble loading pages and FTPing into any sites. I finally figured out what it was pretty late in the day. Renee Sikes, our housemate, was trying to get the second half of the second season of Lost and it was eating up my bandwidth like a fat hog. So I called her up to confirm and she told me which computer was pulling it so I could turn it off. After that things went peachy keen.

For dinner tonight, Amanda and I went to Rob Peterson and Kristen Barriner’s place. We left from our place after I mowed the lawn while Amanda did some picking up. She heard it was going to rain all day tomorrow and the lawn was in desperate need of a trimming.

We’re having a bit of an ant problem too, by the way. I think they’re coming in the window by the sink. I sprayed a bunch of ant and roach killer all over the counter and that seems to have done the trick. For the moment anyway.

Amannda and I got to Rob and Kristen’s neighborhood right as Ben and Jessica Lambeth were turning around in the street trying to figure out exactly where it was, so we all pulled up at the same time. Their place it very near Topsail Beach. You walk in and it’s wide open with a cathedral ceiling over the living room, kitchen and dining area. Upstairs is a longish room with a ping pong table, and in that room is a door that leads to a very unfinished room. I mean, it’s still got the insulation where a floor should be. Rob said the builder wanted $12000 to finish it. Or was it $1200? Either way, Rob figured his dad is pretty handy and can help him finish it up for much less.

We all played some ping pong. Ben beat me in the first game something like 21-8. He and Rob played a couple times (can’t remember who won) and Amanda and Jessica played a game. I can’t remember who won that one either, but it was close. I could probably wake her up and ask her, but I don’t think she’d appreciate it. Amanda and I also played and I narrowly beat her. Rob and Ben had a rematch after which I had a rematch with Ben. This time my loss was at least a respectable 21-16 or 18 or so.

My sister, Erin Dotsey, will be proud to hear this next bit. For dinner tonight, aside from the excellent tender and juicy chicken and salad, there was also some rice with some broccoli mixed in it. I ate some, and I didn’t die. Seriously, Erin will be shocked.

For dessert they had some nice warm brownies with ice cream and fudge. It was excellent.

When we got home Renee was on the phone with my brother, Adam Dotsey. I talked to him for a minute and fussed him out for not returning my calls, or at least giving me a call. Really I was just glad to talk to him.

I hooked up the DVD player in the bedroom. Amanda and I would sometimes put on a movie to go to sleep to, but we haven’t done that in a long time. Right now, Amanda is asleep next to me, Bruce under the covers at our feet and Cobb curled next to my thigh while Rachel McAdams is rediscovering her love for Ryan Gosling. “Like McAdams loves Gosling.”

Moved by the touching scenes of The Notebook, I just leaned over to give my sleeping wife a kiss on the lips. She complainingly groaned and turned away. Aww, she’s so sweet.

Zach Dotsey