Today’s weather was absolutely great. It was a little warm but cool in the shade with a little breeze going most of the time. It felt like autumn. There was one point today when I went outside to sit on the porch swing. I leaned back and looked past the porch to see this awesome gradient of blue in the sky, and it all made me think back to playing outside as a kid.

Anyway, I got up at 6:15 to get to Port City Community Church by 7:00 today, although I was about five minutes late. I couldn’t find my glasses for one thing (they were in the case, right next to the computer) and I was having traffic trouble. Yeah, at 7:00 on a Sunday morning. It’s not that there was much of it, but everyone was going slow and I was pretty much boxed in.

Directing went well. My cameras today were Joey and Emily on the stage and Phil and either Mike Paschal or Nikki in the back. I felt a lot more solid about the first service I directed than the second. Another guy came in to do the stage cameras for the 12:30 service (forget his name) so I let Joey direct and left early. I was planning on going to the beach, but we ended up not going due to Amanda’s not feeling well on account of lady issues.

The lunch we were served at church was quite good. There was some sort of chicken casserole, rice and Hawaiian bread. For dessert there were these little bready cups with a blueberry jelly sort of thing in them, some orange Jell-o things with mandarin oranges and a cream cheese topping and chocolate Rice Krispy treats with fudge on top. I had some of each. The casserole, by the way, had some broccoli in it. Little tiny bits. That’s two dishes in one weekend with broccoli!

I later called my sister, Erin Dotsey, and told her that I’d eaten broccoli. She used to make such a show of liking brocooli. I mean, she liked broccoli, but I think when she was little she made a fuss about liking it so much because I hated it. My hating broccoli goes back to gagging on it way back when. I’m not sure though if I was gagging because I was trying to eat it and I hated the taste, or if I was really gagging on it. Probably the former. I mentioned it to my mom, Rhonda Dotsey, too, and she made me repeat myself a few times. I thought at first it was because we were both on mobile phones, but it was actually because she couldn’t believe it.

Anyway, Amanda and I mostly took it easy around the house for the rest of the day. I played on some Rome: Total War and extended my Greek empire down into the Iberian Peninsula and the Middle East at the expense of the Gauls and the Egyptians. (Yes, that covers most of the Mediterranean, and yes, I know what a geek I am.) Amanda’s grandparents, Peggy and Earl Lemons, were visiting her aunt and uncle, Anna and Barry Frazelle and planned to come by on their way out of town.

Amanda felt like getting something from Port City Java and we were extremely low on cat food, so we went to the closest PCJ at the Harris Teeter on College Road. I went to buy the cat food while she went to get her tall mochachino, skim, no whip, and I got to the checkout line a split second after a guy who had a few things in a grocery cart. He let me go first, since I only had the one item, which I thought was real nice. Amanda later told me she’d done the same thing for a lady buying a mop yesterday at Wal-Mart. What goes around… huh?

We met back at the car and she surprised me with a Port City Java orange juice, which is one of the absolute bestest things in the world. They make it right there in front of you from real oranges with all their pulpy glory. The tall ones are about $4 a cup, so I don’t get them often. It was a nice.

On the way home we picked up an extra large cheese pizza from Hoobie’s Pizza over in Murrayville Station. We stopped by and placed the order on the way into town. I tell ya, you can’t beat $8 for an extra large cheese pizza. It’s not quite as good as some other places, but it’s still pretty good. I had pizza on my mind after Amanda mentioned that the Frazelles were getting pizza for dinner. (It ended up being Mexican, not pizza specifically.)

Amanda and I played some Scrabble, at which she totally demoralized me. My final letters were T,I,T,I,I,I,I and when I drew the final letter it was an I. Hard to make up a 50 point deficit with letters like those.

Earl and Peggy eventually got over here, although they ended up leaving the Frazelles a little later than they expected to. I think the food took a while. They hadn’t been here in a while, at least since we changed the color of the grout in the kitchen. They liked how the office looks now too. One thing of note is that Peggy was in favor of my putting the horse head on the wall somewhere. Amanda absolutely hates the thing. It’s a plastic horse head from the feed store my parents used to own. They let me take it when they sold the store and I had it in the dorm room and the living room of both apartments I was in in college. (He was also hung in the guest room of our nice apartment in Raleigh.) Yes, I know it’s something that’s cool in college and not cool as a married man making his way in life, but it holds a lot of sentimental value for me. I haven’t decided where I’m going to put it up yet.

Anyway, the Lemonses were here for a little while then left. Amanda and I watched last week’s Windfall then she went to bed. I was actually pretty tired while Earl and Peggy were here, but I got a second wind. It’s kind of odd, because usually when I’m tired, watching TV will put me right out.