Michael Mercer moved in more officially today.  My brother-in-law moved the majority of his stuff in last Wednesday but he went back home to Richlands on Thursday after his UNCW orientation. Today he moved the rest of his stuff and is staying (more or less, for now anyway) for good.

Work picked up a bit today.  There’s a super-huge project Scott Hendrix, my boss, wants finished up early, so as many resources as possible have been thrown at it, including Tim Henrich, who took over as project manager.  Since everyone is so focused on the one job it’s given me a bit more to do than I’ve had lately.

At lunch today Michael and I drove around Wilmington a little.  I showed him where the nearest First Citizens Bank is then he went by EB Games to trade in some games and sign up to get a copy of Madden 2007 for the Xbox 360 tonight when it comes out.  He also bought a wireless network card for the Xbox 360 so we wouldn’t have to run wires all over the house for him to have a connection.  For some odd reason the card wasn’t connecting to the internet properly though.  It saw the network fine, but just wouldn’t talk to the internet.  After work I spent about an hour playing around with network settings.  I’m not sure what I did, but eventually I undid almost everything (except for renaming the network) and it worked peachy keen.
Amanda made BBQ chicken with macaroni and cheese and green beans.  It was yummy.  After dinner Michael and I played Fight Night 2006 on the Xbox 360.  Actually, we played NCAA Football 2007 first, but I quit at halftime.  I was getting stomped.  Fight Night 2006 was fun though, and while I didn’t win at all, I was doing okay.  After a little while I went to watch tv with Amanda.  We put on the first season of The Office, which Amanda picked up at Target a couple days ago, and watched four episodes of that.  I think we got Michael liking it too.  After that we watched the How I Met Your Mother where Barney sets Ted up with a great girl he’s convinced is a prostitute.  Good episode.

Amanda went to bed after that, and I tried to watch The Venture Brothers but I kept getting interrupted.  Either Amanda and Michael would be talking kind of loud or Amanda would call me upstairs for one thing or another or ask me to do this or that.  I wouldn’t have minded if the show was not almost over.  It’s like when I’m reading a book; when I’m at the end I like to go ahead and finish it.  It just kills the momentum if you only have a couple pages left when you pick it up the last time to finish it, as opposed to finishing out with the last couple chapters, so you can really be into it when it comes to a close.

Zach Dotsey