I had a few vague and disjointed dreams last night.

In my first dream, I was at my parents’ house, although it wasn’t actually my parents’ house.  The outside reminded me a little of my friend Chris Reeves’s parents’ house (down the road from my parents’ house) and it was vaguely reminiscient of the house we had on Johnson Mill Road.  At any rate, several very large (green, but unfriendly) snakes were seen around the house.  When I was little, my dad had a small sword or machette that he used to kill snakes in the backyard, and since my dad was out, it was up to me to kill them.  The problem was that when I pulled the sword (it was a short, slightly curved sword in the dream) from the scabbard the small hilt would sometimes come loose.  I had to pull it while pushing some release button in a certain way.  Even though they were not previously around, both my dad and (very oddly) Ben Lambeth were trying to help me get the sword out the right way.

I eventually got it out and killed a very large snake outside.  I remember being worried because I saw our Chihuahua, Bruce, running around and I didn’t want him to get eaten or bit by one of the snakes.

One of the snakes went under the refridgerator so I stuck the sword under there and waved it around.  Apparently the sword was very sharp because I saw that I had sliced a chunk of the snake apart, like it was being dissected.  There was also one whose head I chopped off, but the head kept going and I had to stomp on it.

The next dream I had was particularly vague.  Outside the kitchen door of our house was a down-sloping hill and not far off was a body of water, somewhat swampy.  A little in the distance to the right and further back to the left were two small hills/islands coming out of the water.  It was dark and foggy, but on the island to the right could be made out the shape of primitive structures and vague shapes of dark pygmy people.

The scene changed so that I wasn’t looking out my back door anymore, but I now had a perspective from some Colonial era settlers.  British I think.  Something happened where a few of the men in the small group mysteriously disappeared.  There were flashes of light in the night and some barely-seen movement, as well as a terrible shriek that lead “us” to a tree with a big hollow in it.  Since it was dark we couldn’t see for sure or not, but it looked like the hollow revealed a deep pit or hole in the ground.  Noboody wanted to stick around to see if any of the frightening pygmies would come out of it or not, because there was the vague impression that if we stayed we’d all be carried down into the hole.  For some reason there was a frame set up near the tree, two tall vertical posts and a crossbeam at the top.  We all (there were no more than five or six of us I think, at the most) decided to climb up the posts and hang on the beam for the night because the pygmies, or whatever we were fearful of, would not be able to get to us.  From up there we could see the island to the right a little better.  There were vague structures and a few campfires.  We could see that the pygmies were very thick creatures, very dark and stooped, and they plodded along kind of stupidly, but emanated menace.

The dream then changed to where I was back in the kitchen.  The scene was still the same outside, but now it had something to do with The Matrix.  It really had nothing to do with the previous dreamscape, and I don’t remember much of what happened in it.