Amanda and I got up to go to the 8:30 service at Port City Community Church just like we do most other Sundays.  I was outside with Bruce for probably ten minutes, just waiting for him to pee on something.  I finally gave up and left him outside until we left for church.

True to their plans, Rob Peterson and Kristen Barriner came to the early service.  Ben and Jessica Lambeth showed up a few minutes later.  The service got started a few minutes late and went a few minutes long, but the sermon was very good.  At breakfast afterwards at IHOP, we (sans Rob and Kristen, who had a bunch of things to do) decided it was a good sermon, but possibly tried to cover too wide a number of subjects.

After leaving IHOP, Amanda and I stopped by the Circuit City.  Ben and Jessica were talking about getting a widescreen TV at some point in the near future and Ben and I happened to notice the sign at Circuit City saying they had no interest on TVs $299 and up.  So Amanda and I decided to check them out for the heck of it because we were thinking about getting a small one for the bedroom.  They’ve really gotten less expensive.  I can’t remember the prices now, but we were looking somewhere in the $700-800 range.  If we were to get the Circuit City card with a year of no interest, we could easily do that.  But we’re going to wait.

We went to Target after that, mainly to get some sleeping bags for next weekend.  Amanda saw and ended up grabbing the first season of The Office as well, along with a couple other small things.

We got back and Amanda changed then went back out to look for some shirts.  Most of her good shirts have small bleach stains on them.  Jessica put forth the theory that they could be from face wash, but one way or the other a lot of the shirts Amanda wears to work have gotten a little messed up.  While she was gone, I read some of The Man Who Was Thursday and took a little nap.  While I’m one to let a sleeping person sleep, Amanda literally dragged me out of bed after she got home.

After a little while we played Scrabble.  I lead the entire game, but if you play by the rules where the person who goes out first has the other players’ remaining points added to their score, I lost at the very end, which is BS.  Amanda called it a draw.  I took some time to play some Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion while she and Renee Sikes got sucked into watching a reality show; The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.  I eventually came back downstairs to lose another game of Scrabble.  This one was back and forth at least.  This time I lost as soon as I subtracted my letters, nevermind giving Amanda (who went out first again) my points.  I got the Z towards the very end.  A few weeks ago when we were playing I noticed that whoever started first tended to lose.  That was true for our first game tonight, but not the second one.

There was absolutely nothing on TV, so I ended up watching The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency with Amanda.  I really dislike watching people pretend to be more important than they think they are.

Zach Dotsey