I had two dreams last night. In one I was playing with Nicholas Graham, the baby of our friends Todd and Laura Graham. My dad came by and we remarked that he favored Jackson Sawyer, my nephew (hence my dad’s grandbaby). My dad made some sort of joking comment to the effect of how Pap (my dad’s dad) must have had some other kids besides my dad’s siblings to have two kids who looked so much alike. (They looked more alike in my dream than they do in relalife.) And it made sense too, since Todd Graham is, like both my dad and I, from Kentucky.

In the other dream I had, Amanda and I were in some sort of Wal-Mart type of store putting (empty) aluminum cans into a plastic trashbag for recycling. The bag was about two-thirds full and Amanda wanted to go ahead and tie it off and dispose of it. I knew of a place a couple aisles over that had a bunch more cans that we could fill the bag with. (I remember an image at this point of a bunch of cans stacked up, with the middle part having fallen down to the floor.) She didn’t want to fill it any more, thinking we’d have a hard time tying it off. I showed her how we could put a lot more in there and pull the drawstrings closed, and we started arguing about it. I ended up getting mad and walking off.  Sadly, this one woke me up anoyed at my wife.
The first dream obviously came from having played with Nicholas Graham yesterday. I’m not sure where the second one came from, but it’s typical of some of the arguments we have. I want to do something a way I’ve always done it while she wants to do something in a way that makes sure nothing goes wrong. Like how she wants me to make sure not to put plastic things like cups in the dishwasher on the bottom part for fear they might partially melt, when I never had that problem as long as I’ve been loading dishwashers.