Sometimes Amanda likes to leave the tv on as we fall asleep. I usually stay up a bit later than she does, except for on Saturday nights. On some Saturday nights, as we did last week, we’ll turn on a DVD and fall asleep to that. We were going to do that last night, but Amanda’s favorite episode of South Park, the one with the metrosexuals and, more to the point, the Crab People, was on, so we went to sleep to that.

Today Amanda slept in until 11:00. I thought about waking her up before that, but I can’t remember the last time she did sleep so late so I let her go. When she did finally wake up she wished she hadn’t slept so late, but I think it was probably good for her.

While Amanda was in the shower I cleaned up a bit. There wasn’t much to do, just some picking up here and there. We went to Wal-Mart and were hit with a very long line of traffic going down College Road. That’s when we realized all the UNCW students were moving back to campus. That in mind, Wally World wasn’t nearly as packed as we thought it would have been. I mean yeah, at 12:30 on a Saturday it’s alawys going to be busy, but we thought there would be more college kids buying things for their dorms. I guess a lot of them would be going later.

We got home and finished cleaning up. Ben and Jessica Lambeth got here around 2:30 and Todd and Laura Graham arrived with little Nicholas Graham around 3:00. When Todd and Laura first moved here to Wilmington, we went out with them every few weeks until they had Nicholas. After they had him, we went out once and that was the last time we saw them until today. That was probably close to a year ago.

Nicholas has gotten big. He’s very tall for his age and he’s got pretty big hands. He actually looks similar to our nephew, Jackson Sawyer. They’re both pretty big and have fair skin with light blonde hair and blue eyes. You’d have thought Nicholas would have been a bit darker, what with his momma being Columbian. He warmed up pretty quick though, and after our lunch of salad and sandwiches (and homemade ice cream from Todd) he dragged me around the house. I had fun playing with him.

Todd and Laura are buliding a house in Leland, but right now they live maybe a mile from us. Hopefully we’ll see them some more before they move.
The Grahams left around 6:00 and the rest of us vegged out at the house for just a little while then went out to Wrightsville Beach. We parked, as we always do, at the Frazelles’ house. Their driveway was almost entirely full and we had to circle back around to park at the edge of the drive. We didn’t see anybody home, so we left a note and went out to the beach. Hannah Frazelle was out there, which we weren’t sure of until a big group of high school kids got out of the water and went back up the access. Amanda decided to not bother her since she was with friends.

We hung out eating chips and candy for a while and had a Spades rematch. Ben and I lead the entire way until towards the end, when we underbid a couple hands. Amanda and Jessica ended up beating us again. After that we all just sat out under the stars and chatted. There were a whole bunch of shooting stars tonight. I counted four and Amanda probably saw just as many. She said it was the first time she’d ever seen more than one in a night aside from when there was a meteor shower.

On the way off the beach I realized I didn’t have my Jetta key. Amanda carried some stuff the rest of the way back to the car while Ben, Jessica and I went back to look for the key. We were able to find where we had been sitting pretty quick and found the key within a minute or so.

We met Amanda on the way back. She had gotten another flashlight from Anna Frazelle and had come to help us look. The rest of us loaded up into the car while Amanda returned the flashlight. She was taking a while talking to Anna and Ben and Jessica had to ride on back to Hampstead, so I had to go in and hurry her up. She said Anna had just gotten off the phone and didn’t want to just return the flashlight and run.

I had the moonroof open while we were sitting in the car and happened to see another shooting star, a really bright one, pass over the Frazelle house right at the edge of what I could see out of the roof.

Oh, and the house next door to them was torn down finally. Such a shame.

Zach Dotsey