I need to get back into writing regular posts.  I need to go back and flesh out all the abbreviated posts I’ve made over the last couple weeks.  Hopefully I’ll have time to do that soon.  Actually, now that the new power cord came for the laptop, I’ll be able to do that.

There’s not much to talk about today.  Michael mentioned a few days ago that the temperature seemed to drop right after Labor Day.  There have been several tropical storms and hurricanes brewing out in the ocean in that time, which I’m sure helped.  But yes, the weather is starting to noticeably turn colder and the pine needles (we don’t really have a lot of regular trees) are falling.

I went to The Connection very briefly today, mainly just to drop off a signed web design agreement to Scott (my boss). I feel like I got a lot done with work today, but I feel like I’m a little behind.  I think, from talking to Tim, that if we had just one or two more programmers we could really kick it into high gear.

Speaking of kicking it into high gear, I got feedback from a prospective client that made me decide to really push redesigning the company website.  I discussed it with Scott
and he finally agreed to let me get a mockup from one of our designers.  On top of that, we discussed business cards yesterday.  There are so many people out there who do not have websites, and I wouldn’t mind going out to actively pursue some of them if I had some nice presentation materials.  That’s what I’m aiming for.

Amanda made lasagna for dinner, which we ate with salads and bread, washed down with some Hatteras Red Duplin County wine.  Michael got a newer version of Madden 2006 and it seems to be working fine so far.  We all watched some TV together, namely one of the sexual predator reports on Dateline and an interview with that pretty teacher who slept with a 14 year-old student but got off without serving jail time.  After that me and Michael watched Criss Angel while Amanda got ready for bed.  All in all a pretty exciting day.

There was a map on one news show talking about a bunch of wildfires in the Pacific Northwest.  The map made it look like the entire border area of Washington and Oregon was on fire, so I said to Amanda, “Oh no, Erin’s on fire!”  I called my sister to see how she’s doing and she is, in fact, not on fire.

The animals were pretty playful today, by the way.  At one point Moo was behind a mirror that’s sitting on the floor in here while Cobb sat in front of it.  Every now and then Moo’s white paws would dart out from behind the mirror and Cobb would go after them.  At some point Moo ran out then Cobb followed then I heard Bruce join the fray.  They’re entertaining.

Zach Dotsey