Work was steady today; not much to report there.  After Amanda got home we drove out to Target to buy a tent, since we’re going camping again tomorrow.  We decided on one we liked, but couldn’t find it.  After Amanda got someone to help we found out it was on clearance.  We found the very last one at the end of an aisle, and instead of $120 it was $60!  Hell of a deal.

On the way out Amanda saw that The Office Season 2 was out on DVD, so we grabbed that too.  Funny how she didn’t even like The Office at first.  Michael has one week to watch all of Season 2 before Season 3 starts. That’s how I started watching The Sopranos actually.  My friends Annie and Rick Titus were renting Season 1 of the Sopranos, and I would go over to their place and watch it with them.  As soon as we finished watching those, HBO was showing Season 2 in order, leading up to Season 3, so I got to see it all in perfect order.

Anyway, we had our small group meeting from church at our house tonight: Ben and Jessica Lambeth and Rob Peterson and Kristen Barriner.  I don’t remember if I mentioned it or not, but I saw Paul Ayars on Sunday at the 12:30 service.  We talked a little, but there was no mention of him and Kim coming back, so I think we’ve all pretty much written off the probablility of them ever rejoining the group.  They just didn’t seem to be getting out of the group what the rest of us were.

Tonight’s meeting was mostly about where to go.  We picked out a study to go with, so I guess we’ll be starting that next week.

After everybody left we watched the first four or so episodes of The Office with Michael.  His girlfriend, Sarah Denning, called at one point, so after we finished whiever episode we were on, Amanda and I watched the outtakes of the episodes we already watched, then started watching the commentary.  I really enjoyed the commentary.

Zach Dotsey