When I woke up this morning I couldn’t open my eyes.  It’s not that anything was wrong with them, but Amanda and Jessica had left the cover off the tent so we could all see the stars as we were falling asleep.  When the sun came up, it came up rather brightly.  I generally sleep with a pillow over my head, and even with my eyes shut it was so bright that I had to ease the pillow off my face.

It was about 8:30 when we all got up and moving.  On the way back to our house we stopped and got some Chick-Fil-A breakfast which we ate at home, since we were all a bit rough and didn’t want to eat at the restaurant.  Ben and Jessica left shortly after eating.  Amanda and I showered up, and went out to do some things.

First stop was Lowes.  Amanda decided she wanted a new light fixture in the kitchen, a stained glass Italian look.  We found a few and instead of getting a hanging lamp to replace what was in the kitchen, we got a bowl-shaped one that goes on the ceiling proper.  The price wasn’t terrible either.  We also saw a fan that would fit in Michael’s room (it needs to be a small one) for about $20, which we may or may not get later.

After Lowes we went to A Place To Bead.  There are a few birthdays coming up in the family and there happened to be a trunk show (lots of beads).  I have to admit that Amanda did a good job of not staying in there too long.  It was nice to see Sabrina though, Amanda’s old boss.

When we got home I installed the light while Amanda went to go get some extra light bulbs.  I messed up one part by taking out the whole fixture.  It was a pain to get back in, because the hole in the ceiling wasn’t big enough for me to hold the part the fixture screwed into, so I ended up taping it back on the rod running the length of the kitchen.  Anyway, I got that all done without any mishaps and it worked just peachy once we flipped the electricity back on.

Amanda worked on making some jewelry and watched something on sharks on the Discovery Channel or some such station while I dozed off and on.  At some point we ended up watching Cheaper By The Dozen on TBS.  It was a cute enough movie I guess, but I wouldn’t really call it good.

I went upstairs to play some StarCraft after that while Amanda watched Cruel Intentions.  We then putzed around a little and she went to bed while I finished my game.

Zach Dotsey