I felt a little irritated with work today.  It just seemed like I could never catch up.  After work, my buddy Jason Revill and I played some StarCraft.  See, the reason I’ve been on this StarCraft kick in the first place is that I’ve missed playing multiplayer strategy games.  I picked up StarCraft because I thought it’d be a relatively easy one for my brother-in-law, Michael Mercer, who is currently living with us, to pick up on.  So Jason, whom I used to often play this game with way back when it was new, and I played against some computer opponents.  We consistently got our asses handed to us.  We finally started doing well, but he had to go and I was going to have to go shortly after that.

The Fall TV Premiere Season is officially upon us.  Amanda and I watched a new episode of How I Met Your Mother.  Starting next week we plan on checking out Heroes, which will be coming on after How I Met Your Mother (although on a different station).  That’s followed by both CSI: Miami and the new show Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip.  We recorded both, since Amanda can’t usually last until 11:00.  I watched Studio 60 and thought it was pretty slick.
Scrubs is now coming on Fox in syndication now.  Amanda announced to me while I was playing StarCraft that the pilot was on (although I think that was on Comedy Central).  It’s on again right now.  I love that show.  I started watching it during the third season I think.  I looked for the first two, but they weren’t going to be out on DVD for a long time, and that was before everyone was selling TV episodes online, so I downloaded the first two seasons and watched them while I was unemployed (in between looking for jobs and taking design classes of course).  The early episodes give me a feeling of nostalgia, although they did that even when I first watched them.  I think Zach Braff’s JD Dorian is just so easy to identify with.  And the music is so good in that show.  The pilot had some David Gray, and David Gray tends to take me somewhere introspective.

I found a new game that Moo likes to play.  I was standing on the steps talking to Amanda while she was getting ready for bed and I saw Moo fruitlessly scratching on a scratching pad, so I started scratching it in front of her and she atacked my hands.  I kept jumping at her from behind the door and she would run off then run back at me.  When I went back downstairs to watch TV Amanda said Moo was looking for me, so I paused Studio 60 and played with her some more.  She’s such a cute cat.

Zach Dotsey