Work wasn’t as stessful today and I feel like I was able to get much more done. I got caught up on a lot of the sales stuff and followed up with a few people who needed to be followed up with. After work Amanda picked up the traditional Buffalo Wild Wings. We watched last night’s CSI: Miami season premiere during dinner. The episode seemed a little heavy-handed. There were extraneous slow motion shots and the music was a little heavy at times.

jdrf_back_sm.jpgI generally like CSI: Miami, but it can be a little overly dramatic at times. When we were at Topsail for Labor Day Jon and Denise both mentioned that they can’t stand David Caruso’s Horatio Caine, but I like him (usually, he was a little over the top tonight). He’s the closest thing there is to an old-fashioned cowboy these days. He measures his words and when he does speak he speaks low and growly. He’s always taking care of people who can’t take care of themselves, very chivalrously. And you don’t beat Horatio Caine on the draw.

Moving right along, I spent a good chunk of the night working on some graphics for Amanda. She’s doing a juvenile diabetes walk at work and they’re having something of a contest for people to design a t-shirt. The theme is “Wipe Out Diabetes.” Amanda came up with the general idea for what you see here and I did the rest. I’m pretty pleased with it. It was fun to work on, one way or another. The graphics are based on pictures we have of Amanda’s cousin, Hannah Frazelle. Amanda wanted the pictures to be as sexless as possible, so I had to Photoshop out her boobs. Sorry, Hannah.

I also did a mockup for a site at work today. I don’t generally do that anymore, but I think for spending literally 25 minutes it was a nice little bit of work. I guess I was feeling creative today.

I’ve decided that Moo’s official name should be Muqat. I was just thinking of that because Cob just crawled up in my lap. And he farted a little too I think. He’s a very gassy cat.

Jason and I won a game of StarCraft today. We scales it back from six versus two to two versus two. Maybe next time we’ll try three.

Amanda was kind of affectionate last night. Generally Amanda is completely out by the time I go to bed. Last night though she gave me a few three-quarters of the way asleep kisses. It was nice. I called her to tell her that while she was at work.

Zach Dotsey