Last night when I got in bed Amanda thanked me. I asked her for what and she said she didn’t know. I asked her if it was for making the graphics for the juvenile diabetes walk. She said no and mumbled something about just ignoring her. It was one of those times she was talking to me in her sleep and woke up enough to realize it. It was cute.

She followed up cute at 7:30 with waking me up to make sure I’d gotten the design to her work e-mail account. For some reason our server doesn’t like the server her work mail is on, so it doesn’t go through. I was able to send it through my Hotmail account though, and I made her a CD just in case. It was a bit of a waste to put less than a megabtyte of information on a CD, but the CDs I have now I’ve had for five or six years anyway. I bought them from CompUSA in Greensboro, two fifty packs of blank CDs for $10 or so, which to this day is still a great deal. One of those fifty packs was stolen when my apartment there was broken into, so those CDs have really lasted a long time.

Work went fine today. Nothing too special, except that I landed another project. Not a huge one, but I like the client and think she will turn out to be one that we have a good relationship with.

Jason and I lost a lot of StarCraft games today, but then we won one. Amanda was annoyed with me that I was playing it for a while, only breaking for dinner (tacos). Of course it did give her a chance to watch Studio 60 and catch up a little on her Days of Our Lives. We also watched last night’s Law & Order: SVU and Amanda wanted to watch the second season finale of The Office, since the third season premieres tomorrow night. We watched the outtakes and NBC public service announcement spoofs.

Apparently Scrubs is in syndication on two different channels right now. I was flipping around looking for it (I’m terrible anymore at remembering what stations are what) and found one episode then realized a few minutes later that the one on in the bedroom (Amanda sets a sleep timer on the TV every night as she goes to bed) was a different episode.

Michael went to a party or something tonight.  I’m proud of him, getting to know people and all.  It must be a little hard for him, since at the ripe old age of 23 he’s older than a lot of the people in his classes.  The thought crossed my mind of what it would be like if I went to a college party, and I think it would just be uncomfortable.  I mean, I went out on Franklin Street a few months back with Sarah Denning, Michael’s girlfriend, and even though I had a good time, I did feel a little out of place.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I talked to my grandparents, Baba and Pap. I mostly called because my dad told me they’ve been meaning to ask for copies of pictures I took when we visited them in Lexington, Kentucky this past summer.

Zach Dotsey