I met with my boss, Scott Hendrix, at The Connection today.  We had some good talks about future plans for the company as well as a nice personal chat.  Then I got to do collections calls, which are always a blast.  Nobody’s ever actually given me any trouble, but I usually feel a little unomfortable about it.

That aside, or that included even, work wasn’t overly stressful today.  Amanda ended up getting out of work early today.  The boss came in and told everyone to just take off an hour early (paid, too!).  She got home and cleaned up a bit.  Jason and I played a game of StarCraft then everyone came over.  By everyone I mean Michael’s girlfriend, Sarah Denning, came here after she finished work.  Ben and Jessica Lambeth weren’t too far behind.

Me, Amanda, Ben and Jessica went to eat at McAllister’s.  We invited Michael and Sarah, but they wanted to go to more of a “get waited on” place.  They ended up going to Macaroni Grill.  Sitting around McAllister’s, and since we just got a coupon book, the rest of us decided to go to Jungle Rapids to do some putt putting.  Again we invited Michael and Sarah, but when we decided what we were doing they were just getting to the Macaroni Grill.  On top of that, they decided to go to a party afterwards.

Putt putt was a lot of fun.  Amanda started off doing really well and I ended up getting three hole in ones.  One of them was particularly amazing.  The hole was in the shape of a U with a big hump for the curve.  I hit it a little soft and it almost stopped on the hump, but then it started rolling towards the hole.  I kept coaxing it but it seemed to stop just before the hole, but then it did drop in!  By the end we were all pretty sure that Amanda or I had won.  Amanda didn’t do as well towards the end and had one hole where she should have gotten a two but ended up with a five.  The good news was that Amanda and I tied.  The bad news was that Ben neat us by one stroke.  He just played very consistently.  Jessica, well, she had fun.  We all had fun.  And I did get to beat Amanda and Ben both at air hockey.

This was the first time Amanda and I played mini-golf since a couple weeks after we first started dating.  Back then we went out with Todd Dorrell and Pamela Penny.  I think Pamela took the first picture of us as a couple.  Hey, Pamela, if you happen to stumble across this, hit me up and send me a copy of that picture.
After that we went to the Port City Java at Lumina Station.  Everybody else had coffee drinks or whatnot, but I had some water.  I’m not a java person.  We sat outside and just chatted for a while before heading on back here.  Ben and Jessica left when we got back to the house.  We’re really going to miss them when they leave.

Zach Dotsey