We started the day with breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  After that we went to Wal-Mart to get some shampoo and groceries and such.  Amanda bought two… whatever you call them… loofahs?  I use hers now and then and she said it was making hers smell like man-soap, so she got a new one for each of us.  That ranks high on the most girly thing I do- using a loofah.  Is it a loofah?  You know, one of those mesh bath sponge things.  I now have one.

We went home for a bit after that and stuck around long enough to watch Michael and Sarah get disheartened at the cushing defeat Carolina suffered in football at the hands of Clemson. Sure, crap could be talked about football and the fact that I’m a Duke fan, but while I think it’d be really cool for Duke to have a decent football team (which they haven’t since like 1950), I’m more of a basketball person than a football person by far.

We went out to PetSmart after a while.  Amanda just wanted to get Bruce out and maybe look at some Halloween costumes for him (yes, I know).  We ended up not getting anything, but we did get some free vouchers for a checkup for each of the animals that lives here.

Michael and Sarah were gone when we got back and Amanda saw that Spanglish was just coming on.  We’ve both been wanting to watch that movie, so we did.  Well, we watched most of it, all but the last half hour or so because we were going to a small group coaching at Studio 3.  We were meeting with small group coaches, Polly and Dave Clawson, and a few other couples they coach.  Amanda was a little wary of going because she thought it was going to be a sort of small group leaders’ meeting, and our group sort of rotates leaders.  But it was more along the lines of a getting to know each other sort of thing.  We had a pretty nice time with it.

Once we got back, around 9:00, we watched Spanglish again.  Instead of telling the DVR to record it from where we left off, Amanda saw it was coming on again later and recorded the whole showing, so we watched it from the begining again.

Michael and Sarah got back while we were watching Spanglish.  They had gotten Michael a new phone (his was eating up every battery that was put in it, so his mom gave him some money to get a new one) and then they went to see Gridiron Gang, which they both liked.  Michael went to watch football while Sarah watched the rest of Spanglish with me and Amanda.

Michael also picked up Table Tennis for the Xbox 360.  He figured it was one we could all have fun playing.

Zach Dotsey