Two of them. In one I was walking around a very large and, in some way that I can’t remember, very odd mall. I remember I was heading towards some large store with a bright neon outline that was near a set of escalators. I reminded me a little bit of the arcade at South Square Mall (which no longer exists). I was wearing boots with some elevated heels on them and I remember enjoying the slightly elevated view.

The next dream it seemed to be was a pilot for a version of Smallville that never made it. Hyde uatu.jpgfrom That 70’s Show was a friend of Clark’s. Clark was still played by Tom Welling, and Lana was played by Kristen Kreuk, but they were both a little younger than they are now. Lana got into a car with the other two, rather flirtatiously, and they all headed out to see Lana. (Lana wasn’t Lana and Clark was named Clark, but he wasn’t Clark Kent.) Lana was played by Annette O’Toole, who played Lana Lang in one of the Superman movies and currently plays Martha Kent. Anyway, they were going to see her because they were looking for Superman and thought she might be able to tell them how to find him. Then something happened where Jor-El, Superman’s dad, unleashed a meteor shower upon the Earth. He was being controlled by someone though, or someone was pretending to be him. The kids and Lana escaped through some portal in her house. I don’t know where they ended up; the last thing I remember seeing in the dream was an image of Jor-El, although he looked strangely like the Marvel Comics’ Watcher.