We woke up today and went to the 8:30 service at Port City Community Church like we always do on Sundays.  Michael and Sarah came with us and we met Ben and Jessica Lambeth there.  After the service we went to IHOP for breakfast.

Sundays are generally not very hapening days for us lately, and today wasn’t really an exception.  After we got back Michael and Sarah watched football while Amanda and I went out to Lowe’s to look at supplies for the front porch.  Some of the wood is a little rotten and we’d like to put a little gate in the front and on the side towards the driveway.  We also looked around for a Duke flag, as I’m looking forward to flying one during basketball season.  Nobody had any though.  Not Lowe’s, which isn’t a huge surprise, but neither did the sports (clothing) store next to it, and neither did Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Dick’s actually upset me a little because they had UNC and NC State paraphernalia, but hardly any Duke stuff.  I’ve seen a lot of Duke stickers on cars around here, so I think Wilmington has a decent Duke fan population, but you can’t find any Duke stuff anywhere around here.  Even Wal-Mart carries a bunch of Tar Heel stuff, but they don’t even have blank keys with Duke on them.

Anyway, we were thinking of going to the beach after that, but the main reason we were going to do it was to drop off information for the juvenile diabetes walk to try to raise a little more money with Anna and Barry.  We thought about just going out to lie on the beach, but we ended up just sticking around the house.  I napped while everyone else watched tv.  I woke up in time to see the Carolina Panthers finally get a win this season.  Jake Delhomme ran on fourth and seven with under a minute left and got a first down within field goal range.  Kasay kicked it in for the win.

Sarah left shortly after that and Amanda and I watched the CSI season premiere, which was on the DVR.  Michael and I played the Xbox 360 Table Tennis game he picked up.  He has yet to beat me, and while he went to grab something to eat with a friend of his I was able to play some more and actually learn what I was doing, I’m sure he’ll start kicking my ass at it in no time, just like he does in every other game.

Amanda was watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition tonight, which was followed by Desperate Housewives.  I watched the first season of that, but got bored of it during the second season.  I ended up watching the third season, which was at least somewhat interesting, although a lot of it looks like more of the same.

Zach Dotsey