I stayed up a little late last night, finally catching up on the last season of The Sopranos, which has been sitting on the DVR since March. I watched three or four episodes and I was pretty entertained. It didn’t help out my morning though, when I was awakened at about 7:30 by Amanda. She was getting ready to leave the house when she realized that one of the cats peed on the papasan. Again. The new papasan cover. The one we bought Sunday from Pier One. It’s so friggin’ frustrating. I spent most of my morning spraying Nature’s Miracle for Cats on it then looking up online remedies for cat piss. A few people mentioned baking soda and vinegar, which seems to have helped at least a little.

Work was pretty steady today. It’s nice having a full crew back. As of today I am $32 shy of my new monthly goal. That feels good. With about half of the month left I shouldn’t have a problem getting the rest of my goal and then some. That’s good, because I don’t think I’ve got anything hugely major lined up for next month yet.

Amanda had a BOGOF coupon for Arby’s, so she swung by there after work to pick up some sandwiches for dinner. Traffic was pretty bad and it took her a while. I swear, as much as I love this town I get frsutrated every time I have to drive around it anywhere near peak hours. I’m so glad I work from home.

Amanda talked to her mom tonight, and Karen told us that Michael will be going fishing this weekend. I’m glad- I think it’ll do him a lot of good.

Zach Dotsey