I had lunch with Amanda at Roly Poly today.  We used to go there somewhat regularly when we lived on the other side of town.  They have good wraps that you can make however you want.  Amanda had toasted turkey, provolone and brie, I had toasted ham with cheddar and pineapple.

After work Amanda and I went to Wal-Mart to get a few supplies for the fishing trip I’m going on this weekend.  We picked up some Sonic on the way home and watched an episode of Law & Order: SVU.

I talked to Andra for a while as Amanda made some blueberry muffins.  Apparently today was the first time Andra had been on this site since I switched it to WordPress.  She didn’t like the fact that she couldn’t find some of the pictures I had on the old gallery, so I’ve been working on uploading some pictures.  Welcome aboard, baby sister.

Not much to talk about after that.  Amanda and I watched Lost then got sucked into watching some of the new show The Nine.  Amanda asked me to record the rest of it, since she had to go start getting ready for bed.

I’m pretty tired myself.  Michael asked if I wanted to play a game of Risk, but I’m behind on my sleep and would like to catch up a little for this weekend.  The plan is for me and Michael to leave from Ben and Jessica Lambeth’s extremely early on Saturday morning, like around 3:00, so we can get to the Portsmouth Island ferry by 7:00.

Karen Mercer, Amanda’s mom, will be here this weekend.  I think she and Amanda plan to paint the kitchen cabinets or something while we’re gone.

Speaking of Risk (two paragraphs back), Michael and I played a game of it last night.  I thought he was going to win because in the first turn he got control of all of South America and Africa.  I had all of North America except for the Northwest Territory and Alaska in my first turn.  I took the Northwest Territory with nine units to spare, then attacked Alaska, which had one unit defending it.  That one effin’ unit held off all of my guys.  The next turn I put three or so more guys on it and I think I just barely took it.  I was ready to quit right then.

Michael had a lot of borders to defend in Europe, Africa and Asia and one in South America.  He had a respectable number of troops, but he didn’t have any good places to attack, allowing me to build up more cards than he did.  The game was looking a bit in my favor when I had all of North America, Iceland and a nice chunk of Asia, so I probably would have won even without trading in two sets of cards back to back for a total of 75 units, but it didn’t hurt.  On the last two turns I swept through South America (which had a very well-defended border, then Africa, Europe, the rest of Asia and I just barely finished off the last computer opponent, who had been in control of Australia for almost all of the game.  I won, but it was a well-fought game.

That’s three times in a row that I beat Michael, mostly owing to my control of North America.  I think next time we play he’ll be more aggressive in staking out some territory there.

Zach Dotsey