I woke up a bit earlier than usual today, I guess because of yesterday’s time change, and helped Amanda feed the animals and such then did half an hour on the elliptical machine.  After that I got ready for work, which, for more than half of the day today, consisted of going to The Connection Internet Cafe.  I was there mainly to interview some people who had responded to a Craigslist ad I had put out for data entry.  I spaced them out too much, so I was there longer than I needed to be, but I was able to get a bit of work done in between the data entry interviews.

I saw Mike Paschal from PC3 up there.  He was studying. I also ate something besides a muffin up there for the first time ever.  It was basically a sour dough grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and slices of apple.  It was pretty good.

The interviews went well.  I asked about each one of them, told them about the company, the position and had them type out some handwritten text.  I’ve got one more tomorrow.

After the interviews I returned home and worked the rest of the afternoon.  Things were very busy again.

A package arrived for me this evening from UPS.  It was addressed to the company, and sometimes I’ll have people send things directly to me, but this wasn’t something I was expecting.  It was $150 worth of designer underwear!  One of our clients makes (you guessed it) designer underwear, and I had been joking with our contact there for quite some time about when she was going to send me some.  She sent three shirts and three pairs of undies.  I had to tell Scott, and he and Anne Marie had a pretty good laugh about it.

Brian, the guy who sold us our life insurance, stopped by to hand deliver our finalized policies.  After that I tried on the various designer underwear pieces.  There was a long sleeved shirt that looked like something a superhero would wear, a short sleeved shirt and a sleeveless shirt.  The underwear was a set of boxer briefs, a shorter set of boxer briefs and a pair of drawstring underwear, which Amanda said she liked the best.

Michael made us all some professionally grilled grilled cheese like he would make when he worked at Andy’s.

After my designer underwear fashion show Amanda watched some TV, which was last year’s “Slutty Pumpkin” episode of How I Met Your Mother and the new show The Class, which I don’t think is going to last, while I played on the computer.  Amanda was really tired, so she went to bed for Heroes.  Friday Night Lights came on in place of Studio 60 tonight, so Michael and I watched that then played a couple games of Risk.  I won the first one with the good old North America strategy but we both lost the second one.  It was frustrating.  I started off doing pretty well but between Michael making desperate attacks and a whole lot of bad rolls on my part, I was the first one out.

I also lost my fantasy football game 38-32.  If I’d switched my defense in time like I wanted to on Sunday I would have won.  Or if Cory Dillon had had more than a season-low three carries for a grand total of five yards, I’d have won.  I had a decent little streak, but now I’m back at 4-4.  Michael had over 140 points in his fantasy football game.

Zach Dotsey