Mike Paschal called yesterday to say that the e-mail he sent a few days never went out, and asked if I’d be able to direct at church today.  Not having any major plans, I did it.  He told me that just about everything should be set up already and that I could come in at 7 instead of 6, so I did.  Unfortunately, just about nothing was set up already, so I rushed to get some cameras set up and such.  We also weren’t doing the 12:30 service, so I left before that.  Things went well.  We rotated front and back camera operators in order to get everyone experienced on everything, since Mike said we’d be going live a lot more in the future.

Going live means we feed the video we capture, which is generally just displayed on monitors outside of the main auditorium and in the Video Cafe, which is an overflow area, onto the large screens next to the stage as well.

After I got home Amanda wanted to go do some shopping but I was pooped and didn’t feel like going.  Caroline Cinquino did one of the cameras today and mentioned that she’d try to get ahold of the short film I pseudo-helped out with a couple weeks ago.  She came by and Amanda got home just in time to watch it.  I think the commercials turned out well, but the acting wasn’t great and the pace was a bit off.  Despite that, I do think it was better than some of the shorts that did make it into the festival.

There wasn’t much else going on.  Amanda had done a lot of laundry while I was at church so we put that up.  I played some Rome: Total War and she watched some TV.  Dad called and I talked to him for a bit.

Exciting Sunday.

Zach Dotsey