Last night we watched this Saturday’s Saturday Night Live, which was a Best of Darryl Hammond episode.  I fell asleep pretty early watching it.

Back to work today.  It was busy, but not as busy as it has been, which has allowed me to catch up on a lot of support work.  Hopefully that means within a day or two I can go back to focusing on the sales stuff.

With a tie for something like the second lowest score in the league, I won my fantasy football game this week.  Most of my guys had a really crappy week, but I pulled it out and I beat the guy with the best record in the league.  Of course, he obviously had forgotten to update his team as two of his active players had byes.
Joel Freeman called me today.  I had called him on Saturday to see how he and Jason Revill had liked Borat, but it turned out they hadn’t been able to see it.  There was one theater in Durham that was playing it and the line was ridiculously long.  We just chatted for a few minutes while he was on a smoke break, but it was good to talk to him.

Amanda made stuffed shells and Texas toast for dinner, then we watched How I Met Your Mother and Heroes.  Amanda went to bed shortly after that.  I watched Studio 60 and a couple episodes of The Sopranos.

Zach Dotsey