Michael was supposed to get Gears of War, a new game for the Xbox 360, yesterday. He paid a deposit and yesterday was supposed to be the release date. Apparently a lot of places didn’t get it until today, so he picked it up after his classes. The game is pretty friggin sweet. I played it on co-op with him after I finished working today and after Amanda went to bed we played a few rounds of it on Xbox Live.

I cut Michael’s hair tonight too. He was a bit nervous, I think, but it was just a buzz. I’ve done that countless times on my own head and plenty of times on other people’s heads, including my own birth-brother, Adam Dotsey. It came out fine of course.
The Democrats have officially taken the Senate now too. A lot of the right-leaning talk radio is making a point to say that the Democrats have taken control not because of the things they stand for, but because people don’t like a lot of how the Republicans have been running things of late. To a degree I think they’re just trying to save face, but a big part of me tends to agree, too.

We watched Lost tonight. It’s the last episode for four months, and of course it ended with a big cliffhanger. A few thoughts to follow; if you haven’t seen that episode of Lost yet, quit reading.

So, Sawyer got it on with Kate- I feel bad for Jack. Amanda and I were honestly wondering if they were going to kill off Sawyer at one point. I didn’t think they would, but this show tends to kill off its characters. Just last week they offed Mr. Eko (which I called at the very start of the episode), whom I feel was an interesting character with a lot more potential.

At the end of the episode they showed a commercial for Daybreak, a show billed as a cross between Groundhog’s Day and Memento. It may very well be interesting. If that weren’t enough, it was also announced that they’d show a clip of the upcoming episodes of Lost each week. They furthered the apology for taking it off the air for four months (while production on this season continues) by announcing that when it came back they will show sixteen straight weeks of new Lost episodes. To me that’s akin to ABC saying, “Uh, look guys, we’re really sorry to piss you off like this, but we’ll make up for it, we pinky-swear.”

Whatever. New episodes of Lost can’t come soon enough. And if I know that show, it’ll be an episode or three before they get back to Kate, Jack and Sawyer’s cliffhanger plight.