I had a bit of a different kind of meeting today in that I met a couple at their home, which I normally don’t do- more for the other people’s comfort than any worry I have myself. They’re wanting to start a web-based business and the husband works from home while the wife is a stay-at-home mom. We have something in common in that she’s from Roxboro, which is just down Roxboro Road (or Durham Road, if you’re coming from Roxboro, or 501 if you’re not a local) from Rougemont, where I spent some of my formative years. The husband reminded me a little of my friend Rick Titus. The site they want is a pretty big one, and they’ll be talking to other companies as well, but I hope we get it, not only because I think it’d be a good one for the company to have, but because I liked them as well.

Since I was over on the other side of town I had lunch with Amanda at Roly Poly.  While I was walking back to my car I noticed the back of it was absolutely nasty from sitting underneath a few tree branches for days at a time.  Actually, I don’t think it’d been washed since well before we moved out of Sunset Park.  Anyway, Amanda gave me a five (I only had two singles in cash on me) and I washed the nastiness off the car.  I felt a little bad about that because I had a lot of work waiting on me, but I was right there next to a car wash and it didn’t take more than ten minutes.  Plus, I knew that if I didn’t do it then, I’d just keep putting it off.  I had to work pretty hard to get some of the grime off the back of the car.
I worked until about 6:00, even taking a phone call which I normally don’t do after hours.  Ben and Jessica Lambeth were the first to arrive for small group, then Kristen Barriner called to say that she and Rob Peterson were running behind and would be here soon, but Elliot and Melissa Clark had someone Elliot knows go to a hospital in Jacksonville, so they were on their way to see him.  An understandable absence.  However, since we really have only just started our most recent study and Ben and Jessica won’t be here long enough to finish it, we all just sat around and talked about life and different concerns.  I think it was a good meeting, if not on topic.

Amanda and I watched The Office after everyone left.  The other episodes this season so far have been just okay, well, compared to the last two seasons anyway- I still think it’s the best comedy on TV right now,  but tonight’s was a pretty good episode.  The Scranton Dunder-Mifflin branch that everyone knows and loves is told they’re going to be shut down.  A couple twists occur of course.  It’s a very good setup episode and I can’t wait to see next week’s.  Or whenever the next new one is coming on.

Supernatural (the most underrated show on TV in my opinion) was a pretty good episode too.  Sam and Dean get taken in by the police and have to help Linda Blair while being hounded by Cameron from Windfall.

Zach Dotsey