Technically it’s the tomorrow of the date shown here, but since I’m writing about yesterday, I change the date for categorilogical reasons.  I do that often.

So Duke’s first loss of the season just occurred.  I’m wishing harder now that Texas Tech had beat Marquette yesterday.  Duke couldn’t hit shit for the last few minutes of the game while Marquette went on an eleven point run.  Duke also had nineteen turnovers.  As I told my Carolina fan brother-in-law Michael Mercer, I knew this team wouldn’t go undefeated anyway.  It would have been nice if they went a few more games before dropping one though, because this loss will probably put them out of the top ten (they’re ranked number eight right now).  But the season will go on and this freshman laden Blue Devils team will improve.

Kentucky was playing UCLA tonight as well- that game started just a few minutes before the Duke-Marquette game.  UCLA is ranked fifth and UK is ranked twenty-second, so I wasn’t expecting a whole lot but the Wildcats hung with the Bruins up to the end, although they did end up losing.

Not a good basketball night for me.

Other than that there wasn’t much going on today.  I met my boss, Scott Hendrix, at 2:00 at The Connection Internet Cafe and we met a new client up there.  Actually he’s the husband of the manager of a store whose site we built and host.  I liked him- he works in the movie industry and is an obvious history buff.

After that meeting Scott and I went over a few items in support and maintenance.  We were there until 5:00, at which point it was pretty nasty outside.  Rainy again, and colder, I think, than yesterday.

Amanda made grilled cheese and noodles for dinner.  We watched Heroes from last night, as well as How I Met Your Mother.  She’d watched How I Met Your Mother last night when it originally came on, but as that’s her favorite show right now she didn’t mind watching it again.  After I erased that from the DVR, the TV showed Wheel of Fortune.  I noticed that the category was TV Show, so I blurted out “How I Met Your Mother.”  After I said it I looked at it and I realized that the answer to the puzzle was, indeed, How I Met Your Mother.  Pretty cool, huh?

After that we watched Saturday Night Live then I took the trash out and talked to Bonnie and Dave Narron, our across-the-street neighbors.  It was coldly drizzling, but they were sitting on their porch so I stood in the shelter of that for a few minutes.  After that I went inside and watched House with Amanda.  She then went to bed, then the games came on.

Early this morning I was thinking about a website project Rob Peterson and I have been discussing so I got up and started playing around with some design ideas.

Zach Dotsey