I just finished watching the number two Carolina Tar Heels get beat by the number twenty-three Gonzaga Bulldogs.  Ah yes, folks, it’s the UNC Tar Heels’ first loss of the season. With the pedestal the Tar Heels have been set on this season it almost makes up for both Duke and Kentucky losing yesterday.
Gonzaga had a sixteen point lead that UNC chipped down to within two during a seventeen to five run, but Gonzaga, despite having what seemed like every single player on their bench in foul trouble with four fouls, persevered.  So much for Carolina’s undefeated season!  Ha!  I love it.

Michael finally returned the couple of messages I left him.  He said he’d left his phone in the car.  As you might recall, Michael Mercer, my brother-in-law, is a Tar Heel fan.  He was pretty down on UNC coach Roy Williams just now for not keeping Brandon Wright in the game despite his good work on both sides of the court.  Tyler Hansbrough was pretty much shut down.  I was particularly impressed with Gonzaga’s Derek Raivio and Josh Heytvelt.  The only problem I see with this team is that Duke plays them pretty soon.

So work was surprisingly busy today.  I ended up working until nearly 6:00 and I had a headache for most of the day. I figured Amanda had the Ibuprofen or Advil, whichever we use, as she sometimes carries it in her purse, but we were actually completely out.  She picked up some more for me and we had tacos for dinner.

The day was pretty, for the most part.  When I went to pick up my check and go to the bank the sky was a pretty blue with fluffy white clouds.  By the time I got back though, the clouds had turned dark and shortly after that it started raining pretty hard.

Amanda got off work early today.  After just a little while I told her that if we ever get to the point where she doesn’t have to work, she’s not allowed to stay in the house while I’m working.  I was mostly kidding, but she was asking me to do some things like looking up the weekend weather and such, and she tried to tell me she was heading out to Target while I was on a conversation that I really had to focus on.

Other than all that we caught up on the last couple episodes of Law & Order: SVU and I dozed while she watched Ghost Hunters.  Amanda also worked on getting some laundry done while I was working and afterwards and we both put up a load each plus a load of covers and pillow cases.

We’re off to Richlands early tomorrow morning then heading to Greenville for the now-traditional K&W Thanksgiving lunch courtesy of Grandma Bowlin (is that how her name is spelled?).  From there it’s back to Beulaville for Thanksgiving dinner with Peggy and Earl Lemons, Amanda’s grandparents, then the next day we’re off to Rougemont.

Zach Dotsey