I woke up early when Bruce got out of bed and I let him outside.  I stayed up because Andra, Josh and Jackson were planning on leaving at 8:30 and I wanted to be up when they took off.  They didn’t end up leaving until closer to 10:00.  Andra had a meeting with a group from a class of hers about a project.  I guess she was late.

Dad took off for golf before Amanda, Andra or Josh woke up.  I mostly putzed around on the computer or with Jackson until things started hopping.  After Andra, Josh and Jackson left Amanda and I took showers while Mom made a breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast.  Amanda and I sat and talked with Mom for a while.  She talked about horses, then we talked about some of her memories or growing up, which I always enjoy.

Amanda and I left and stopped in Clayton to get some drinks and such.  I switched driving with Amanda, since I’m nice like that and she was feeling tired.  The ride back was uneventful, with the exception of Ben Lambeth asking if he could take a shower at our house this evening.  They’re having a problem with their septic tank and he wants to use as little water as possible right now.  They’ll find out in the next day or so if the problem is something serious or not.  Best case it’s nothing, maybe they’ll have to get their septic tank pumped.  Worst case, they have to get a whole new septic system and can’t close on their house.

So Ben and Jessica came over tonight.  Ben and I headed to Home Depot to pick up the bamboo flooring I paid for last Monday while Amanda and Jessica- I don’t know what they did at the house.  I think Jessica was working on sending out some Christmas cards.  The plan was for me and Ben to pick up the wood then grab some food on the way back.  Unfortunately though, it took at least 45 minutes for the people at Home Depot to pull the boxes of flooring, and once they did, I noticed they had four of the right kind and ten of the wrong kind, so I had to send them back and we had to wait some more.  I was getting seriously annoyed at Home Depot, and that takes a lot for me.  The girls decided to pick up some McAllister’s, and Ben and I had just finished unloading the van when they pulled up.  We were literally there for about an hour.

The dinner was good.  I was actually pretty hungry by the time we started eating.  Actually, I was pretty hungry before the messed up boxes got to us at Home Depot.  But we ate, Michael got back here, Ben took a shower and they headed off.

Zach Dotsey