Yikes! I just finished watched an ugly, ugly Duke game. They played Indiana tonight in the annual ACC-Big 10 Challenge. At 8-0 Duke is still the only undefeated team in the series and they were able to maintain the second longest non-conference win streak currently around. In the first half they played some very nice defense and they were up by twelve.

That was the good. The second half was the bad. Starting it off Duke blew their lead during a 12-2 run by Indiana. The Hoosiers then stuck around for the rest of the second half. Duke was able to get a seven or eight point lead, but it kept getting chipped back away. At the end Duke was up three. They turned the ball over after inbounding it but were able to keep just enough pressure on Indiana that they didn’t make anything of it in that final eight seconds.

I thought about calling my future brother-in-law Josh Sawyer (a Hoosiers fan) but then aw how late it was and didn’t want to chance waking up my nephew.

This Blue Devils team really, really needs to work on their offense. As much as I hate to say it, I haven’t been overly impressed by two of my returning favorites; Josh McRoberts and Greg Paulus. Really, I hate admitting that. Still, given time I think there’s still a lot of potential, and if this team stays intact they’ll be a seriously major threat next year. This year they could do alright, unless they play like they did tonight. If that’s the case, we’ll be extremely lucky to hold onto that Sweet 16 streak.

Other than that I didn’t get to catch up on the sales stuff at work as much as I wanted to. I had meetings this morning and late this afternoon and in between that Time Warner Cable was having internet issues all over eastern North Carolina, if not all of North Carolina, so I had a very fritzy connection.

We ate Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner. I ended up finishing off the sweet potatoes, although what I had didn’t have the really nice brown sugar crust anymore. We caught up on some CSI and CSI: Miami, watched Firday Night Lights and then the game.

Zach Dotsey