gsxm1.jpgDave Cockrum died today. He’s the artist who helped bring back the X-Men, starting with Giant-Size X-Men #1, shown here. He helped create some pretty famous characters including Storm, Nightcrawler and Colossus. As I heard, he died wearing Superman pajamas and will be cremated in a Green Lantern shirt.

I’m extremely perturbed at the moment. Carolina is playing Ohio State, #6 versus #1. Almost everybody called for a Tar Heel victory, so I wasn’t too wired up about it. However, the Buckeyes lead the entire first half but, with four minutes left, are having a cold spell leading to a ten point deficit. I’m thinking Carolina’s depth is just wearing them down. The ACC already won the ACC-Big Ten Challenge, so any shred of solace I’d have in UNC winning is already moot. Mind you, if the ACC’s 7-0 victory streak were on the line, I’d still not pull for the Tar Heels.

It’s not over though. We’ll see what happens. Ohio’s biggest-name player, Greg Oden, is out for a while now anyway. If he’s anywhere near as good as his hype this would apparently be a different game.

The Buckeyes are back within six.

Not a lot happened today. I was finally able to catch up on a lot of sales leads and have taken care of pretty much all of the outstanding support issues.

As I was getting into bed very late last night, I realized that trash hadn’t been taken out to the road yet. We have a very large trash can, but it was about halfway full and I knew we’d need a lot of space for all the carpet we’ll be trashing this weekend, so I put my pants back on and took care of it.

Looks like Carolina might have some bragging rights tomorrow. They’re back up ten with under a minute and a half left to go. Man, Ohio just couldn’t get a basket to go in to save a life down the stretch.

Dammit. I wouldn’t really care as much if the Buckeyes weren’t ranked number one.

Michael and his friend Kari played some basketball this afternoon then went to go see a UNCW Seahawks game. I saw a while back on the ESPN ticker that UNCW won over Colorado, I believe it was.

Amanda fell down the steps this evening. They’re a little slick since we removed the carpet, but I didn’t think they were that bad. Then again, she did put some Pledge on them a couple days ago, and that did slick them up a little. I was in the bathroom when I heard some noise then came out to find her sitting against the door. She’s alright though. She’ll be pretty bruised in the morning and she’s aching all over, but she’s okay. She’s a trooper.

Tar Heels 98, Buckeyes 89. To make it worse, they just threw up a stat that Carolina’s got the most wins (six) against a team ranked number one in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches poll. Gag.

Zach Dotsey