Busy-ish but not hectic work today.

Michael took the snowflake lights back and got some other ones, which he didn’t realize until too late were different from what we’ve already got, so we’re going to take those back too and get some spheres, which we’ll mix in with the existing snowflakes.

Amanda’s office Christmas party was tonight.  She stopped by the mall on the way home from work and picked up a shirt, came home to take a shower then we headed off.  We picked up Trish and her husband, Mike and took them on over to Savannah’s, which Amanda’s boss had rented out for the night.

I really liked the chicken.  It was like Outback’s Alice Springs Chicken, just without the cheese.  They also had cheesecake and a chocolate fountain into which you could dip strawberries and small pieces of cake.  There was also an open bar.  I had a few white Russians and a pineapple upside down cake, which tasted a lot like cake.  I got the first one for Amanda because she told me to get her “something fruity” and when I told the bartender “something fruity” that’s what she came up with.  Amanda likes the cake batter ice cream at Coldstone, but she said drinking something that tasted likea  food was just weird for her.

We spent most of the night sitting with Alison and Mike and Jennifer and Matt.  Mike and I talked about movies and Duke basketball for the most part.  I had a good time.  Melissa, one of her co-workers, told me she’d been singing “Amanda’s Getting Nothing for Christmas” to her a bunch lately to the tune of “I’m Getting Nothing for Christmas” and asked me to get in on it.  She told me that while I was up at the bar one time, so when I got back I told Amanda I heard she was getting nothing for Christmas.  She knew right away I’d talked to Melissa.  It was cool seeing Amanda in a different element where a lot of people know her and joke with her.
I had a decent buzz by the time we left.  Nothing raging or anything, and if pressed I could have driven without a problem.  I shouldn’t have typed that since I suppose some people will think “Oh no, Zach would drive drunk!”  I wasn’t really very drunk.  Walked fine, saw fine, talked fine.  Anyway, Amanda drove.  On the way out to the car she coughed violently and spit up a little from all the smoke.  Mike and Trish were smoking at the time and apologized profusely, but it wasn’t from them.  She’d been near the bar before we left and she’s really very sensitive to cigarette smoke.

That aside, as had a very nice night.

Zach Dotsey