Ben and Jessica Lambeth officially left their home in Hampstead today to move to Winston-Salem. It kind of sucks that today is Jessica’s birthday since she’ll be spending it driving and unpacking. Happy birthday anyway, Jessica!

Today was a little different for a Saturday for me and Amanda in that we didn’t go out to eat as we usually do. I mentioned something about how we used to make waffles so often, so we had waffles for breakfast instead. Amanda made too much batter though, so I went across the street to offer some to Bonnie and Dave Narron. Bonnie was getting in the car as I walked over and said she’d have killed for waffles ten minutes ago, but to ask Dave. Dave said he’d just finished eating, but appreciated it too. Michael actually had some though. My brother-in-law doesn’t usually eat breakfast or breakfast food.

We cleaned up a bit then Michael and I watched Duke beat George Mason (the Cinderella of last year’s NCAA tournament). The Blue Devils looked pretty good- they were much more aggressive on the offense and still held the Patriots to 51 points I think. DeMarcus Nelson and Jon Scheyer both had career highs. Scheyer is getting more confidence I think.

Amanda was still cleaning during most of the game and afterwards Michael and I went out to toss the football. I caught quite a few in a row. Michael didn’t, but to be fair I wasn’t throwing the best at all times. Amanda let Bruce out in the front yard while we were doing that, but he eventually ran across the street to hang out in the neighbor’s backyard. As I was walking him back across the street, Amanda’s old friend Amy Farmer (formerly Brower) pulled up. Michael and I went on in then to eat some lunch. The ladies went out to do some shopping or something while Michael and I played some Gears of War.

After some time, Don, a guy Amanda works with, came by to pick up and dispose of the carpet we pulled up last week. Amanda and Amy got back not too much after that. A while later, Amy left and Amanda, Michael and I went to El Cerro Grande for dinner. Amanda went on home after that while Michael and I went to UNCW to see a basketball game. We picked up some toys (Nerf-ish footballs) from The Dollar Store beforehand so we could get in free with a Toys for Tots drive.

I had a good time at the game, although the Seahawks got beat by 16 or 18. They played well enough and they got down by as much as twenty, coming back to within ten, but they were never able to close the gap more than that. It didn’t help that Missouri State seemed to make just about every three-point shot they tossed up. Actually, both teams made quite a few, but every time UNCW made one Missouri State answered back with one it seemed. Michael made a comment on the way out that it was like everyone was JJ Redick in there. I was surprised to see him give any kind of positive comment in regards to a someone who is already a Duke basketball legend.

I definitely had a basketball day. The Duke game came on at noon and I went to the first college basketball game I’ve been to since probably high school (which was a Duke game). It was a lot of fun and the atmosphere was pretty good. I’ll definitely go to more games.

Zach Dotsey