There was a little work to do early today, but I count my day as having really kicked in when I went to my dental appointment today.  Not that it was any big deal or anything- I was told once again I have great teeth and gums.  My gums are a little recessed on two teeth, but they’re not bad and it can get better.  I’m still batting 1000 with no cavities ever in my life thus far.  Barry (Amanda’s uncle and therefore my obvious choice as dentist) Frazelle did lament over the fact that I’ve still got wisdom teeth that haven’t poked out and probably never wil at this point.  He indicated that they could be trouble one day, but that it’d be really tough to remove them now.

After that I met up with our production manager, Tim Henrich, up at The Connection.  We updated each other on several projects and brainstormed answers to issues.  I also told him about the idea Rob Peterson and I are working on.

I’d stopped by the post office on Oleander on the way from Barry’s to The Connection to pick up stamps for all the Christmas cards Amanda and I made yesterday, so I sent those out, ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and got to work.

Amanda was thinking that Bruce’s birthday was yesterday, but I did a little research and found out that it was actually the eighth.  Amanda and I felt bad (as though a dog would be disappointed that you forgot his birthday- we tend to anthropomorphize) so she stopped by Target on the way home and picked up a present for him.  She got him a little doggie bed and is already trying to teach him “Bruce, get on your pillow.”  He already knows “go to bed.”

Amanda also picked up some Chick-Fil-A and I ran to Lowe’s Food to pick up some grape juice (Amanda needs the sugar after getting on the elliptical in the mornings) and some milk.  We’ve been out of milk for a few days, but all the milk cartons at Lowe’s Food had an expiration date of just a few days ahead, so we hadn’t bought any.  During dinner we caught up on Scrubs and Studio 60 in time to catch tonight’s new episode of How I Met Your Mother.

Zach Dotsey