Played some Gears of War and actually did pretty well.

Finished my current Photoshop Painting project. It’s based on a sketch of Thor by John Romita, Jr. that I found online. I think it’s pretty good for a first real attempt.


Particularly I like the skin and the hair (although at this size, you can’t really make out some of the details. I like the feathers on the helmet, although the perspective isn’t quite spot on. The rock’s a little flat. I think the lightning is decent, and the slight glow to the hammer isn’t bad. The lighting is inconsistent with any real light source, but that wasn’t my main concern in this. Not bad for a first decent attempt, I feel. If any of the one or two people who actually looks at this site would care to critique, that’d be cool.

Michael and I drove out to the mall to meet Anna and Barry Frazelle and Peggy and Earl Lemons (his uncle, aunt and grandparents, respectively) for lunch.  The grandfolks were in town to see Barry for a tooth cleaning and were actually the last ones to arrive.  Anna and Barry walked in together; even though they came from different places they happened to arrive at the mall entrance at the same time.

Earl and I tried out a new sub place, which was pretty good.  Everyone stuck around and talked for a while.  Earl and Peggy had actually stopped by the house on the way into town to drop off a sink they’d replaced in their house that we might use.  Earl was going to bring a toilet too, but our toilets are fine- just the inner workings need some work.  The one downstairs has a slow and slight but constant drip and the one upstairs needs constant jiggling or it keep running.  The joys of home ownership.

Zach Dotsey