Peter Boyle, best known as Raymond’s dad on Everybody Loves Raymond and Frankenstein’s monster in Young Frankenstein (as well as several other movie roles) died yesterday evening.  I saw him a few months ago on Mind of Mencia and I thought he looked a little rough.  He was 71.

I forgot to take the trash out last night, even though Amanda reminded me.  She reminded me while Michael and I were playing Gears of War on Xbox Live, so we couldn’t pause the game or anything.  She asked me at a little after 6AM if I’d taken it out, just as she heard the truck rolling by.  Normally I’d have just said, “Ah well, they can get it next week.”

This week however, I had filled up about as much of the trash can as I could with old carpet to lessen the amount that Amanda’s co-worker Don would have to haul off for us.  As a result, my response was “Aww, shit.”  I got up and threw some pants on and ran outside to see if the truck would stop on the way back from the end of the cul-de-sac, which it did not.  I returned to bed to a barrage of reminders of things I forget when I’m doing other things.  I didn’t get back to sleep much.

I was going to do some running around today, but work was just busy enough to prevent me from doing that.  I didn’t even take a lunch break.

We had chicken Caesar salad for dinner tonight.  It was yummy and we have lot s of leftover little bits of chicken breast to munch on later.

Zach Dotsey