I thought I was going to be able to get away from work somewhat early today to run some errands and pick up a couple of gifts.  Instead a few little things piled up and I didn’t leave the house until the early afternoon.  Before I did though, between yesterday and today I was able to catch up on a lot of things that had been lingering.

While I was out I was able to finish up my Christmas shopping (I think we’ve only got Amanda’s cousin Kirsten Frazelle left to get anything for), went to the bank and also got a new stopper for the toilet.  The old stopper in the upstairs bathroom was literally falling apart so much that the lip of it would often get caught on the edge of the drain hole and not close all the way.  About 50% of the time you’d have to take the cover off the toilet and manually fix the stopper.  It was getting obnoxious, so I finally took care of it.  Amanda noticed after using the toilet twice.  I didn’t tell her so I could see how long it would take for her to figure it out.

After I picked up the last thing for Amanda I called her at work and asked her to pick a number between one and five so I could figure out what style to get her.  I just did it to mess with her.  She transferred my call to Trish, one of her co-workers, so I could explain what I was asking and get a good answer.  I told Trish the deal, but I doubt she told Amanda.  I expect my wife will ask me on Christmas morning after she’s opened her presents what I was talking about.

We had small group here tonight for the first time since we put in the bamboo hardwood floors.  Everybody liked them and the way we rearranged the living room.  It was also our first meeting without Ben and Jessica.  I think it was Kristen who suggested putting them on speaker phone every week.

Speaking of phones, when I arrived at the house there was a box in front of the door.  I opened it up and discovered a phone with an answering machine from Best Buy.  After doing a little research I discovered it was a gift from Aunt Robbie.  Very thoughtful of her, since I told her the last time I talked to her that Amanda and I didn’t have an answering machine hooked up.  I called the house and got Linda, so I thanked her for the gift.  Aunt Robbie herself is in Durham helping clean up Pup Pup’s house so they can put it on the market.  I have a lot of memories from that house.  Cleaning it out would be a hard job.
After small group (in which we discussed future areas of study, a few things we struggle with and possibly starting to meet earlier) Amanda and I watched an hour-long episode of The Office.  Amanda went to bed and I caught up on a few episodes of 30 Rock.  My live-in brother-in-law Michael Mercer has been very good about studying today.  Amanda was quizzing him between the time she got home and everyone came over.

Zach Dotsey