We went to church this morning. It was a really good service with a focus on what faith is about. Afterwards we went out to eat with Rob Peterson and Kristen Barriner at the little bagel place behind the Harris Teeter on College. (The Teeter is on College, the bagel shop is actually on Kerr.)

Michael called me just before the service started at church to tell me he’d waited in line this morning to get a Nintendo Wii. He was the 18th person and got the last one from the new shipment. The stipulation though is that it’s a Christmas present that his mom paid for, so he won’t be able to do anything with it for a week and a day.

Amanda and I went to Wal-Mart after breakfast. We were mainly there for her to pick up some cooking supplies. She decided she was going to make haystacks (yummy!) and a concoction of her cheesecake batter in little cupcake-shaped graham cracker crust. She spent all day doing that sort of stuff in the kitchen while listening to The Tube, a music video station we discovered a few months ago that plays all kinds of music (and actually plays nothing but music; suck on that MTV!). Meanwhile, I started a fire on our burn pile and, over the course of several hours, raked all the leaves and pine straw in the back yard into the fire. Doing the front yard would have been more effective, but I figured it’d be easier to do if I cleared out the back first. I don’t know if I really believe that, but it seemed a valid enough argument to myself at the time.

That literally took up all the rest of my day. The yard does look nice now though. I’d say that I’d work on the front yard soon, but I know I won’t have any time during the week and next weekend is very likely going to be busy, one way or another.

I talked to Andra last night and asked her to call me today so we could discuss this Christmas situation. She brought up the idea of coming here on the 23rd after Jackson’s birthday party. They’d get here sort of late, but we’d have the morning of Christmas Eve together. I mentioned that to my dad who mentioned it to my mom. When I talked to my mom tonight she didn’t sound very big on the idea, which is not encouraging to me. I’m trying. I’m really trying.

Our across-the-street neighbors Bonnie and Dave Narron cam by for a little bit this evening. They’ve been meaning to stop by to check out the new hardwood bamboo floors. They came, we sat and socialized and they let us borrow The Breakup, which they recently rented.

Amanda and I had been watching the Bill Cosby standup they show on HBO all the time when they came over. We finished watching that when they left then I took a shower to wash all the ashes and lingering smoke smell off of me. I was going to take a bath, but decided the shower needed to be cleaned first. I decided that because Mooo! had peed on the (plastic) kitty litter mat and I had to wash it off. I didn’t want to take a bath in the tub I’d only just used to clean up cat piss.

My hair is extremely curly, but in an orderly way right now. I didn’t do anything new or different; just shampoo and conditioner. Normally it comes out mostly straight or frizzy. It’s pretty.

Zach Dotsey