I ached a bit when I woke up this morning from pushing all the leaves in the backyard into what is now a still-smoldering pile of ashes.  Actually, it may have quit smoldering by now, but when I last checked late this morning, there was still some faint smoke coming from it.  Despite that, I willed myself into the regular 15 minutes on the elliptical.

Work days have had a bit of a pattern of late.  Busy in the morning, slight lull in the afternoon, time-consuming phone call late in the day.  Not that I mind time-consuming phone calls, as they’re usually sales calls, but it’d be nice if people would call in time for me to get off the phone around 5:00.  I’m just saying.

Amanda and I ate cheese and corn chowder soup or something like that tonight while we caught up on a few episodes of CSI: Miami.  I think I’m getting a little worn out with that show.  The cases are always solved by some information gleaned from some highly improbable source, like some extremely rare custom tire treads that nobody else in all of Miami would have, or the plastic coating on the end of a shoestring gets stuck in a drop of blood.

You know what’s bugging me?  I can’t remember the word for the plastic coating on the end of a shoestring right now, but I know the word and they used it in the episode we watched tonight.  (Edit: it’s an aglet.)  I mean, I caught “defenestrate” when I read that earlier this week (although by contextual use, it was hard not to know what the word meant) and I know the meaning of “floccinaucinihilipilification” (which apparently isn’t in my in-line spell checker).  Anyhoo.

After watching two episodes of CSI: Miami (the second one of which was way overly saccharine in its praise of the U.S. Marine, and don’t get me wrong, I support the troops) we watched The Breakup, which we borrowed from our neighbors Bonnie and Dave Narron yesterday.  I thought it was decent.  I didn’t have a lot as far as expectations go, but I thought Vince Vaughn went through enough character development and I enjoyed the ending.

Zach Dotsey