Well, my parents aren’t going to be coming here for Christmas. I had a good talk with my mom today, and I understand their situation. Originally they were going to come here from Gastonia on Christmas Day after they opened present with Andra, Josh and Jackson. (That’s my sister, her fiancee and my nephew, for those of you not keeping track.) Now though, my other sister, Erin, is flying in to RDU from Portland, Oregon on Christmas Day, and she’s arriving at 4:00. Charlotte to Wilmington is a four hour drive alone, nevermind going from Gastonia (on the far side of Charlotte) to Wilmington, then another two hours to Raleigh then another 45 minutes back home for them to Rougemont. So Erin’s flight screwed up those plans.
The second idea, which Andra came up with, was for them all to leave Gastonia after Jackson’s birthday party (on the 23rd) and come to Wilmington then leave the next day in time to get back for a Christmas party that either Josh’s mom or dad is throwing. Even with that though, my parents would be driving to Gastonia in the morning then making the four hour trip to Wilmington that evening and I guess spending a few hours with us on Christmas Eve before having to head back.

This is the thing that sucks about getting older and moving off and away as it pertains to holidays.

Anyway, there was a Duke game on tonight. It was the Duke Blue Devils versus the Kent State Golden Flash. (What the hell is a Golden Flash?) Amanda and I didn’t know what to have for dinner, so we decided to head over to Wild Wing Cafe to watch the first half and grab some food. We were told there would be a fifteen minute wait, but we noticed very few people were leaving their tables when they finished eating. Not only was Duke playing tonight, but so was Carolina (against Florida Atlantic) so everyone was there to watch one game or another.

Duke won their game, but they fought for it. It was a bit of a letdown because I’d heard about how they were working on some things offensively, but there were still a lot of turnover and they had a hard time pulling away.  The offense was markedly improved, but it seems like they let go of their stifling defense to do that, and the defense is what a lot of us Duke fans have been really impressed with so far this season. I really hope they get it together for Gonzaga on Thursday. The final score was 79-72.

Carolina, on the other hand, decimated Florida Atlantic. At one point I think it was 28-5. The final score was 105-52. That’s just sickening. Apparently they’ve started learning how to play defense.

Back to dinner. Because it had taken so long already and we knew we were going to have to wait to get our food as well, we went ahead and ordered takeout. We listened to the game on the way home and watched the end of the first half and the rest of the game at home.

Amanda was surprisingly into it.

Zach Dotsey