I’m sitting here right now waiting for my buddy Jason Revill to call me back.  A little while back we were playing the old video game StarCraft together online.  Just today he got his brother’s copy of Age of Empires II (another old real-time strategy game), and he’s been playing AOE1 for the past couple of weeks.  About half an hour ago I called to see if he wanted to play, and he said he would and that he’d call me back after he pissed and (counter-productively) got some water.

Anyhoo, work was productive today.  I’ve got a number of people I’ve been in talks with about getting a site going, and one of them committed today.  What with all the money people spend this time of year and all, not to mention how busy people get, I know it can be hard to pony up the bucks to get a site going.

Not a whole lot went on besides that today.  We had quite a bit of mail, and, nice surprise, they were all Christmas cards.  I’ve been setting all the cards we’ve gotten on the steps facing towards the living room.  All our steps are full now.  I don’t think the cats like it though, as they like to sit on the steps and look out over their domain.

Amanda figured out one of the presents I got her today.  It was How I Met Your Mother, and she knew it because of some trash I was throwing away.  See, at Target, How I Met Your Mother came with a $5 gift card.  I thought Amanda might have noticed this, so I haven’t said anything about it yet and I kept it in my back pocket next to my wallet.  (When I change pants I just move everything into the corresponding pocket of the new pants.)

We received a number of gift cards, so I was consolidating them and putting them all in my wallet, including the Target gift card.  Since it had been in my back pocket for about a week now, the small envelope it was in left an outline of the gift card.  As we were throwing stuff away, the conversation went a bit like this:

“What’s that?”

“An envelope.”

“Why’s it look like that?”

“It was in my back pocket and there was a gift card in it.”

“Oh.  Where to?”


“Cool.  How much is it for?”

“Five dollars.”

“Who gave it to us?”

At this point my mind was scrambling, but instead of naming someone, I hoped she hadn’t been looking too closely at the How I Met Your Mother DVD at Target, so I quickly said, “It came with something I bought.”

A light dawned on Amanda’s face and then she got real happy, to which I replied with a vehement “Dammit!”

I just had the idea that maybe I should get her something else and wrap it in the same box then hide How I Met Your Mother and give it to her after she opens everything else.  Ooh, that’s a good idea.  I’m so glad she never reads this site.

Anyway, after that we caught up on some TV.  We’re almost done with all the things we both watch on the DVR.  We watched the last recorded CSI: Miami that we had, then Smallville then Supernatural.  Smallville wasn’t a very good episode, but they did have a scene that got the (admittedly large) fanboy inside of my a little excited, which was a shot of Clark walking with the Justice League member cameos the show has had: the Flash, Green Arrow, Aquaman and Cyborg.  Granted, I don’t think Cyborg was ever in the Justice League, but still.  I still think before the show is done (and I don’t think it’s got many more seasons left) they need to have a young Bruce Wayne show up.

Zach Dotsey