I had a meeting today. We got a web design quote request this morning and upon my calling the people back, we promptly set a time and place (the Port City Java at Monkey Junction). However, I wasn’t thinking about the fact that my laptop is out of commission and I didn’t know if this couple would have one, so I invited Scott along. The meeting went well. The couple was very pleasant to talk to, and I think they were excited about some of the ideas Scott and I had for them.

My sister Erin, who has been living in Portland, Oregon since this summer, was supposed to come to see us tonight. Apparently she decided, without mentioning it to us, that she was going to stay in Durham.

This evening Amanda and I went to Anna and Barry Frazelle’s place on Wrightsville Beach for dinner. Amanda’s grandparents (Anna’s parents) Peggy and Earl Lemons were in town, I think at least in part so Earl could help Barry put together his new grille, and they made chicken on it. We also had salad, rolls and, for dessert, cookies. Amanda’s cousin Kirsten ate in another room and watched TV. Her other cousin, Hannah, was in Myrtle Beach meeting her boyfriend’s grandparents.

We had a nice time, talking and joking a lot. A little while after dinner Peggy and Earl left but Amanda and I stuck around to watch The Office with Anna and Barry. It was the episode where Jim and his new boss and Michael Scott and Dwight all went to a convention.

Originally we were going to go to my parents’ home in Rougemont tomorrow, but instead we’re going to leave Saturday morning. When I was talking to my dad he mentioned that with Erin there, plus my cousin Jeff Cherryholmes and his girls, bedspace is at a bit of a premium. So we made plans to go see Apocalytpo tomorrow with Anna and Barry.

Amanda and I came home after that. I’m tired and I’m going to bed. Speaking of which, since Bruce was in bed until about 3:30 yesterday, he apparently wasn’t very sleepy last night. He kept getting out of bed and wanting back in, but he can’t jump up onto the bed so Amanda or myself kept having to lean down and pick him up. For a small dog he can really pull some covers when he wants you to know he’s there.

Zach Dotsey