I got an oil change today at a place up the road.  I can’t remember what company it is, but I think it’s family owned and operated.  I’ve taken the Cutlass up there a few times, and the service has always been good.  I took the Jetta up there today because it’s due for an oil change, we’re doing some traveling this weekend and the Bob King Volkswagen place is booked up.  They changed the oil, but they didn’t have the filter that goes with the 2006 VW Jetta, but they assured me they’d have it in the morning and we could come by to get it put in.

There was a lot of talk today that Saddam Hussein will be hanged soon, possibly in the next day or so.

Work was very busy today, particularly for a Friday before a vacation.

Amanda and I went to Mayfaire tonight to meet Anna and Barry at Atlanta Bread Company for dinner before heading to Mayfaire Cinemas to watch Apocalypto.  Amanda wanted to exchange a Vera Bradley purse she’d gotten for Christmas for another one and called a Hallmark (Hallmarks sell Vera Bradley products) to make sure she didn’t have to take it to the one where her mom bought it, in Jacksonville.  She was told that was fine as long as she had a receipt, but when we got to the Hallmark at Mayfaire she was told she had to go to the right kind of Hallmark, which that one was not.  Amanda said she wanted to get a more expensive one, but they wouldn’t let her make the exchange.  She got a bit snippy with the girl at the counter, which I didn’t appreciate and I let her know about it after we left the store.  I just didn’t think it was necessary to fuss at someone who couldn’t do anything for her in the first place.
I liked Apocalypto.  The subtitles didn’t bother me at all and visually I think it was very impressive.  There were a few slightly wince-inducing parts, but I didn’t think it was as gory as everyone talked about it being.  Barry agreed with that, but Amanda and Anna thought the gore factor was high.  We all liked it though.  And I liked the ending.  I saw it coming right before the reveal, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

My youngest sister, Andra, called during the movie (my phone was on silent) so I called her back after the movie.  Turns out that she and Josh and Jackson (my nephew) were already in Rougemont, at my parents’ house, for the weekend.  I’d thought they weren’t leaving until tomorrow.

Zach Dotsey