Dad took Erin to the airport early this morning. She came into our room and said goodbye.

I woke up this morning to let Bruce outside to pee, but Mom ambushed me with Jackson, who didn’t easily give me up to go back to bed. I love that kid.

A little while later Mom and Dad made breakfast. While Amanda and I were watching Jackson he told us he had to go poop. He’d done that earlier today for Andra or for Mom, I forget which, and they got him on the toilet in time. Everyone was very proud. We thought he was telling us he needed to go, but he actually already had, so that when we took off his diaper it was all nasty. If we’d known it was already a mess, I could have paid him down and cleaned him pretty easily. However, since he was standing up and I couldn’t put him down without dirtying up a new diaper, it was a bit of a mess.
Everybody ate then left around the same time. On I-40 we saw a driver who really needed t not be on the road. When we passed him he strayed very close to the line, and he kept swerving back and forth in the lanes. A couple of time he actually drove, not went into, but drove, on the shoulder of the road. We called the highway patrol because it was really very worrying, whether they were just tired or drunk. About ten miles later we didn’t see the person get pulled, but we did see them pull off the road. It was a truck and it had a sticker for a high school in Jacksonville.

Once we got home we started taking down the Christmas decorations. I expected we’d do that later, but Amanda went ahead and started on the houses and I went ahead and got out on the roof to get the lights. Once I get started on something I like to finish it. By the time I got all the lights down and passably neat, Amanda had stripped the Christmas tree of its ornaments so I took it outside and rolled the lights off of it. I always feel bad tossing out a Christmas tree. It feels almost like a betrayal.

After all that we watched tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother. It was the one where Barney sets Ted up with a girl he’s convinced is a prostitute. That’s probably one of my favorite episodes.

Zach Dotsey