I left my cell phone, the one I use for work, in the Jetta yesterday. Amanda discovered this as she was getting out of her car at work, so I had to head out there and pick it up. Bruce came along for the ride. I almost ran out of gas because Amanda didn’t put any more in it when the light came on Friday while she was driving home and I’d forgotten about it over the weekend. After getting the gas I picked up a Croissanwich from Burger King and washed it down with an orange juice.

So it was back to work today. There were a lot of e-mails but not many phone calls. Steady.

Amanda made tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner. She didn’t much like the soup, but I liked it well enough. After dinner I watched Duke play Temple while Amanda watched The Family Stone. The game was frustrating early, getting as bad as 16-4 early on. Towards the end of the first half Duke, as they are wont to do, came back and didn’t look back. Josh McRoberts had a record night with 21 points. Both he and Greg Paulus had some really impressive passes. Paulus made one behind over his shoulder without looking back which led to a basket. Brian Zoubek was looking good tonight, and so was Gerald Henderson. Duke won 73-55. Aside from the early stumble, it was a good game for them.
I put up my autographed Duke poster after we got back from Rougemont, by the way. I put it in the Mona Mona Mona frame. It was a print Amanda bought a while back that she liked. It was hanging in my office, not really doing anything for me, but now the poster’s there. I figure I’ll keep putting the new poster in there every year and get a new frame every time they win a championship, which I’m expecting my Blue Devils to do sometime in the next three years.

Zach Dotsey